Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back From Vacation!

We had a great time in Branson! Charles, the boys & I met Rick, Sherri & Tyler for a whirlwind visit. (The girls had to stay home--they barely make it 45 minutes across town - much less 5 hours!) We went to Silver Dollar City (2x), Celebration City, White Water Water Park, The Titanic Museum, not to mention the food and outlet mall! We ate at Fudruckers...which was an awesome burger joint. They had the best fries!

The boys got a kick out of seeing the Ozarks. We would top a hill with an incredible view and they would ooooh and aaaaah.....Josh said the tops of the trees looked like broccoli! He has so many "Joshisms" that crack us up. We saw signs for "Toad Suck Park" - not sure I want to visit there - but we did stop to see the "Worlds Largest Natural Bridge" - basically a huge rock, but it was cool to see. Our first day at Silver Dollar City, Zachary tore up his legs on the swinging bridge. We had not even been in the park 10 minutes! It was so bad that the EMT guy had us go back to the nurses station to clean him off. He had blood everywhere....it looked like he had been mauled by a bear! He was a trooper though. After they cleaned and bandaged him up, he was great - went on to ride every roller coaster in the park! Nothing scares him! Josh on the other hand....he likes to keep his feet on the ground! He tried though. He and I were in line to get on a "kiddie coaster", but it started raining and they shut the ride down. We had also gotten in line to ride this water/raft ride (just like the old Grizzly River Rampage that Opryland had). We sort of "forgot" to tell him that he would get wet (heehee!) We get all the way up to the front and they shut the ride down. Let's just say someone had one too many corn dogs!

The last day we went to White Water and everyone had a blast -- at least I heard they did! I stayed with Josh the whole day, which means we stayed at the wave pool -- no slides for him! We left from there and stopped at the Croc outlet (a must-see if you are in Branson!) and ate at Fudruckers once more before starting the long trek home. We all had a great time and the boys really loved getting to see Tyler again. They want to see him for vacation next year, and the year after that, and the year after that! It was fun to catch up with friends, and we can't wait to do it again!