Thursday, August 18, 2011


No can't be that time already?  I distinctly remember holding my newborn babies in my arms in the hospital and thinking I had FOREVER with them.  School?  That was light years away!  (Cindy Pillow -- I know you remember this too!!!!) Now look where I am...a semi "empty nester"!  All four are in school.  Sarah started kindergarten and Ava is now in K-4.  No more little voices at home asking for a snack or chocolate milk or for me to watch a movie with them.  On the flip side that are no little voices at home protesting when I tell them to leave the dog alone or to brush their teeth or to brush their hair or please get in the car because we have to leave NOW!  I can honestly say I am quite conflicted.  I miss them....terribly!  I think of all the things I "wish" I had done, and yet I think of all the things I will be ABLE to do with much more ease!  One thing I do not regret is keeping Ava at home with me last year.  In spite of all the power struggles, I really liked having her around and I know she liked her "mommy" time!  I love my "Bitsy"!  I love my "Sissy" too (as well as Zachary and Josh), but you get the idea.  A momma bird knows when her babies are ready to leave the nest, and mine most definately are.  It's time for them to spread their wings and see what they can do!  I'm just praying that this year is blessed...that they have teachers who love them, nurture them, and challenge them... that they make new friends and are a blessing to others as well...that the older ones are aware of how their choices impact others...that they continue to seek the Lord's face in all they do...that they are not easily influenced but rather are an influence on those around them...

So far things are off to a great one needs their wings clipped.....YET!  :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So It Begins

School that is....for one of my four kiddos.  Josh started yesterday - at full throttle too.  He not only went all day - but he rode the bus - and is at a new school this year.  Personally, I find all that a little overwhelming, but for his flexible self, it was just another day.  He had a great day and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.  He was beside himself because he has a former classmate from his old school in his class, and then saw two others at lunch.  I think he just like the fact that 2 kids were calling "Hey Josh!" in the cafeteria! :-) This morning he was up and had made his lunch before I even made it to the kitchen.  Then he left for the bus stop without me having to tell him!  I just wonder how long that will last .. haha!

And then there is the whole bus thing.  He LOOOVES riding the bus!  I'm not sure why, but it makes him happy and I am realizing that I like not having to go thru car line.  Our stop is the last one on the way to school and the first one after school, so he is really on there for literally 10 minutes or less.  Sarah is going to be riding to and she cannot wait! 

So one down and three to go.  Sarah goes for her K-5 "stagger" day on Thursday, and Ava has her K-4 stagger day on Friday.  I have heard from reliable sources about what is happening this week and it sounds like Thursday I am going to be one big puddle! All my chicks are growing up!  I'm not sure to be :-)           or :-( ......