Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Five More Sleeps

***DISCLAIMER*** - when I started writing this post, it was Monday, December 20th, so it really was only five more sleeps til Christmas.  Due to a late night trip to retrieve my stranded hubby, the post didn't get finished to Tuesday - which is really four more sleeps....I haven't totally lost it!

That is what I told the girls tonight.....five more sleeps until Christmas!  It just can't come soon enough for them, which is not surprising ~ them and their "microwave mentality"!  They are just beside themselves....and I can only play the Santa card for so long - lol!  It will be over soon enough (sigh).

So anyway, we had Zachary's birthday - he turned the big "12" this year.  He was also quick to remind me that in 365 days he would be a teenager.  UGH!  I have been around little ones for years - as soon as I could babysit - but teenagers?  That is unchartered territory for me!  I don't know what to do with them!  I don't think Zachary will be difficult.  He is an awesome kid - an incredible blessing.  I just can't believe that my first little bundle of joy has grown up so fast.  He "broke me in" as a mom.  I was so stressed those first few months - mainly when he was sleeping.  SIDS freaked me out and I would literally stand over his crib on the verge of a panic attack.  Finally, one night I realized that this little blessing from God was in His hands.  All of Zachary's days were known to Him before he graced my arms.  I was stressing over nothing.  Since then, the "worries" have changed..health...happiness...friendships...you know how it goes.  As a mom you never stop worrying about your kids.  Now he's talking about teenage years?  You know - that is a whole year away, so for now, I think I'm just going to put a pin in it and come back to it later.....

Josh got a part in the play "How I Became A Pirate".  It is a really cutre story.  Practices start in January and performances are the end of February.  It is a rough schedule, but one we are used to.  Both boys were in a play in the spring....Zachary just last month...now Josh.  He is actually in the "pirate ensemble", but he doesn't care.  It is a small cast, so he was just glad to get a part!  He and Zachary both have made lots of friends through New Day, so he is looking forward to getting caught up with everyone.

Now, school is out and this week will be crazy, but today was fun.  Went with all the kids and Charles' mom to see "Tangled"....very cute movie!  Still have some shopping (just a few little things) to do...squeeze in a couple of days at work...one (and I do mean one!) more trip to Wal-Mart...a fun night with friends...then a party for Jesus' birthday!  I saw a cute Happy Birthday Jeasus cake (thanks Judith!) on a friend's blog that I am going to try.  If it works, then I will post some pics.  The kids will enjoy it I know.

So anyway...let the fun and festivities begin!  Merry Christmas! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the Season

...to be jolly?  Thankful? Generous?  Reflective?  Forgiving?  All of the above?  Yeah -- probably the latter for most of us.  I hate to say it, but I don't really feel all of these things in the middle of July.  I most definitely should, but I don't.  Sometimes it takes a dose of reality to really shake things up and make me realize just how fortunate blessed I am.  My husband is sleeping soundly right next to me...yet a young bride is mourning the loss of her husband in Afghanistan (click here to see her blog).  Two other couples I know of are going through a divorce.  It all seems so surreal -- so unfair.  I can't imagine the pain they are going through.  None of these people deserve these tragedies.  Why them?  Why at Christmas?  It seems like there should be some sort of "protective" period during the holidays so that no one should have to experience pain or death during what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year.  At least ~ I wish it could be that way.  Now, for these families, the holidays will only be a reminder of the day their lives changed forever.  My heart really hurts for them.  Again, I am reminded that I am very blessed.  I have four healthy children, a house to live in, a faithful, patient, hardworking husband, a job....the list goes on.  I think my last post talked about being thankful.  That's okay though...I never want to take these things for granted.

Yet, go back the start of my blog....these things are all heightened in sensitivity because it is the holiday season.  Why aren't we concerned with giving in July?  Why aren't we adopting "angels" or supporting toy drives in the summer?  Why aren't we helping out in the homeless shelters during the other months of the year?  No - I don't do it, but I'm thinking I should be doing something else at other times besides Christmas.  I'm not trying to point fingers - I'm talking to myself here.  Y'all are just lucky enough to be a part of the conversation..haha!  I need to work on that...and get my kids involved in it to.  The boys and I have already been talking about what to do for Christmas to help out other kids.  I want them to think of Christmas as "what can I give?" rather than "what can I get?"  And I know for kiddos -- that is a hard concept!  That is why I want them to decide the "who" and "where" so that they make the final call.  I don't want it to be like I bought the gift and put their name on it.  You know?

Anyway...I'm just kind of rambling.  It's very late early in the morning.   I'm thinking that Starbucks I had earlier wasn't decaf!  Please be thankful for the little things as well as the big things...pray for those who are hurting, and ask God the use you to minister to someone - rather it be in a big way or a small way.  And don't forget to say, "I love you" to those who mean the most to you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Haha...I titled that b/c it is "Thanksgiving Eve" and all of Facebook is a flutter with everyone's things they are thankful for!  Yes - I am truly thankful.  I am thankful for the big things as well as the small things.  For a job that even though I might not always like...I am blessed to have.  Thankful for 4 HEALTHY kids that are all under my roof tonight.  As the years go by, there is no telling where God will lead them.  Thankful for an amazing husband...guys like him are few and far between.  Thankful for food in my fridge and clothes in my closet.  So many people are not so lucky.  Thankful I have a vehicle to take me where I need to go.  Thankful for little arms that hug my neck and little voices that say, "Mom, I love you."  Seriously...I don't need any more than that.  Really, I don't.  I listen to the news and realize (again) that these kids are merely on loan to me.  God has blessed me with them and He could choose to call them home any day.  For tonite, they are with me.  Years from now they might be across the country or even on the other side of the world.  Who knows?  My quiver is very full...and for that I am very thankful!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Again...it has been FOREVER since I blogged.  I think I start all my blogs out this way!   I used to be so good about it, but now it seems I just don't have time.  That "life" things seems to constantly get in my way.  Then there is the whole "what should I blog about?" thing.  Sometimes at night when I am supposed to be sleeping, my mind is racing with ideas for blogging.  Does it ever come to fruition?  Ha - obviously not!  That's okay -- this blog is just going to be random - because that is pretty much the way my life feels right now -- random!  :-)

Sooooo...I like to "blog-stalk" if there is such a term.  I love to read other people's blogs!  Many blogs I read or follow are written by people I don't know in person, but I love to read what they write.  I can usually relate to them on some level, and love to see what golden nuggets of wisdom I can take away from their posts.  Sometimes it is learning how to deal with chaos, sometimes it is great spiritual insight.  One thing I have noticed though, some people tend to share waaay too much with the world!  (These are usually the people I don't know!)  If Charles and I had a knock-down-drag-out fight last night, I sure would not be writing about it on my blog!  Okay -- if you know me and Charles, then you have to know that us having a "knock-down-drag-out" really is out of the question...we aren't exactly "fighters".  Don't get me wrong -- we have our moments, but we are more of the "silent" fight types..ya know?  Okay - maybe I should stop now...haha!  Point is, I guess if we were the types to just put it all "out there" for everyone to read about, then it wouldn't matter.  I'm just not that type.

Oh well -- we hade new family pics made...do you like them?  Our ah-MAZING photographer friend took them.  He is so talented!  My wonderful hubby is pretty good too with the computer side of it...he can swap out faces...whatever you need to make the pic turn out, he can most definately do it!

In other news....I realized the other day how much things have changed once I had kids.  Well -- I guess I should say how much I have changed.  Before kids, my house was cleaned top to bottom once a week.  I was able to maintain for a while once Zachary was born, but fast-forward to today and -- well -- that's totally out the window!  I do remember dusting last week...and I did run the vacuum cleaner...one day.  Now, I do stay on top of my laundry -- which is a MUST with 4 kids!  [Insert side bar here: with 6 people living in the house, "staying on top" of laundry for me means that the laundry basket is "fairly" empty.  If I do get an empty basket, it only stays that way for about 3 minutes!]  And I do not let dishes pile up in the sink -- just can't deal with that.  I also do pick things up throughout the day and at night when the kiddos are in bed, so my house is at least NEAT....just not Cloroxed on a regular basis.  (Is it wrong that the smell of bleach in the bathrooms gives me great satisfaction?)  I had great plans one day last week to do some serious cleaning when Ava asked me ever-so-sweetly to sit with her and watch Dora (or Little Bear...or Max & Ruby...or Pinky Dinky Doo...or something like that.)  I had a sudden change in plans and did just that.  We sat on the couch doing nothing but chatting and watching tv...the whole time she was curled up with her blanket in my lap.  Who cares what got done that day?  At one time it would have eaten away at the anal-rententive side of me, but not anymore.  Maybe it is because Sarah and Ava are "it"...no more little ones for me.  I've seen Sarah start school this year and it breaks my heart to hear her tell me every day she missed me (but she is totally in love with school too - don't get me wrong.  I think she is schmoozing me!)  I figure Ava will be in school soon enough and then it will be just me at home during the day.  Believe it or not, I actually am NOT looking forward to that.  There are some positive things about it...like actually being able to go to the grocery store and focus on what I am buying....lunch with a friend on my days off...being able to clean the whole house at once...stuff like that.  They just won't be my babies any more.  :-(  I do have to say, even though Zachary and Josh are older, they will come curl up next to me and watch a movie or a tv show.  At least they haven't reached the age of not wanting to be around me yet (I don't think!)  But my girls....my baby girls.  They are getting to the fun stage of wanting to play in make-up and wanting their fingernails and toenails painted.  I can't wait for the manis and pedis!  So, all this to say...if you drop by my house and think, "ewwwww.....I could write my name on her mantle!  And look at those ceiling fan blades!"  I really don't care!  That means I have dropped what I was doing to love and hold and snuggle with those kiddos.  The other stuff just doesn't matter - not now anyway!  :-)  Don't get me wrong....I am far from perfect!  I say things I don't mean....have to apologize (something I think parents should do).  Everyone makes mistakes and each day starts with a clean slate ~ take advantage of it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's ALMOST Friday....Close Enough!

Haha!  I'll take what I can get...but I am ready to call an end to this week!  When school is in session, it seems like getting to Friday is like a race to the finish line.  If I can get thru the usual morning chaos and everyone out the door on time for school Friday morning, then I have broken thru the tape and can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief!  You all know how abnormal my schedule is, now Zachary has play practice several nights and on Saturdays, Josh is doing JBQ at church (meaning he has to be there at 5:30), Ava has ballet 2 mornings a week...but poor Sarah has nothing extra!  (I'll just keep her home and work with her on writing her name!  She is actually doing very well in school and loves it!)  Anyway, throw into the mix I have a current car "issue" that is probably going to leave me without a vehicle for several - well , probably more than just "several" -- days.  A tractor trailor backed into me so my front bumper needs a little TLC!  It could have been alot worse, so I really can't complain.  Makes me shudder to think what would have happened if I had been in Charles' car.  His car is so low to the ground, it probably would have come thru the windshield!
So anywho....tomorrow is Friday and then Saturday Sarah has a birthday party, Zachary has practice, friends for dinner, Josh is spending the night at my mom's new digs...yea her!  She finally moved out of her house and into her own little apartment!  She is sooooo thrilled!  Her old house held lots of bad memories for her, and the neighborhood just isn't safe for a single woman (at least I don't think so).  Now, instead of being 30 minutes away, she is only about 5 minutes away.  It is a "win-win" situation for all of us...ha!

You know, I really am just rambling nonsense here....just kind of the mood I am in I guess.  Waiting for the last 30 minutes of my day to pass so I can clock out and head home.  We got a new kitchen table today and I can't wait to see it!  Finally...after all these years...we have a kitchen table all 6 of us can sit at!  Before, the only way could all sit together was to sit at the dining room table, and we just are not "dining room" people...you know?

So - speaking of dining room (which makes me think of meals -- which makes me think of Ava -- stay with me people)...I was thinking the other day...my little Ava ~ God love her ~ Ava is my spirited strong willed child.  I find myself saying things to her I don't remember having to say to any of the other three.... "Ava, get your feet off the table", "Ava, don't pick your feet at the table", "Ava, get your fork out of your nose", "Ava, get off of Bernie [our Shih Tzu puppy]", "Ava, go put your underwear on NOW!"  I promise, I am not making any of this up.  There is always something to laugh (or cry) at at our house!  I hope ya'll have an "Ava" you can relate to, because she sure makes life more interesting.  Well, all my kids do really.  I love them so very much, and am so proud of the people they are becoming.  I listen to Zachary and as he relates the events of his day and conversations he had with his friends, it really makes me proud that he is so strong in his beliefs and so confident in himself.  That is pretty awesome for a 6th grader!  Josh still reigns supreme in his own little world - population "1"!  He is so funny, so sweet, and so cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep.  Sarah is my little princess who has transformed from "toddler" to "little girl" in just a couple of months.  I'm so amazed by her!  I miss her so much now that she is in school all day.  Now, it is just me and Ava - each of us getting some well-deserved one-on-one time with each other.  It probably is a good thing it is just the two of us, because she WEARS ME OUT!!!!  Haha...

So did I lose you?  Did you stay with me til the end?  I told you I was in a rambling kind of mood!  More later...not sure when...so just be ready!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-Runs Are Good Too!

(I am seriously behind on my blogging...having the computer upstairs makes it much harder to just stop and blog my thoughts for a minute.  Then there is the puppy...and of course Ava...point being I just don't have much time these days, but I promise to do better!  It is my therapy you know!  Now on to the blog.......)

I love re-runs...heck....if it weren't for re-runs (or DVR) I would never see anything on tv.  I love to watch"Friends", "The Office", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Home Improvement", "That 70's Show"... I would be in heaven if there was a channel dedicated to to nothing but re-runs of these shows (my own choosing you understand).  I saw a glimpse of a recent "Two and a Half Men" and nearly choked when I saw how grown Jake is now!  I am REALLY behind!

Anyway, the point of all this is....I originally posted this blog in November 2008 (has it really been that long?  WOW!)  My husband is pretty special, and I had written this to just fill ya'll in on some of the things you don't get to see.  He is amazing in so many ways and I am so very blessed to have him as my husband.  We have a crazy life, yet he takes it all in stride.  I decided to re-post it because it is WAY overdue, and to tweek it just a bit.  He deserves to hear it...more often than every 2 years too!  So here you go....just a few reasons why I am so in love with my husband:

1) He loves his family. Charles is 100% hands-on with the kids. With my work schedule, I am gone 3 nights out of the week, so that is 3 nights he is home alone with 4 kids and a puppy and having to manage homework, dinner, baths, and bedtime. There aren't many men who would do that - or can do that - much less be good at it!

2) He does little things to show me he thinks of me. On days he knows I am driving his car the next day, he'll set the CD player to my favorite CD, or he'll send me an e-card for no reason. He doesn't hesitate to make me feel special.

3) He is always quick to compliment if he thinks I look nice, or even on dinner (when I am able to cook!)  And he is a pretty good grillmaster if I do say so myself!

4) He voluntarily helps out around the house. He will give the girls a bath while I do dishes or vice-versa. I never have to ask him to help me.

5) He has no problem with me having a "girls night" every now and then - even when I am gone other nights of the week.  I don't do it very often because that is another night away from home, but if I do.....

6) He has a tender heart and is soft-spoken. He never yells and never talks down to me.

7) He has the best arms in the world! When he hugs me, it is the best part of my day...aaahhhhh!

8) His attitude in a stressful situation is so comforting. He is my rock for sure.

9) He is great at making me see the "other side of the story". If I get upset about something he'll say, "Well, from their perspective, they probably meant......"  Sometimes it makes me want to slug him...but I know he is right.

10) I love how he hums in the shower.

11) He'll bring home Nestle Tollhouse ice-cream cookies when he has to make a night trip to Wal-Mart!  Or make a batch of Girhadelli brownies...YUM!

12) He will sew his own button or iron his own shirt.

13) He makes the BEST lasagna, the BEST cheesecake, and the BEST home-made oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies!

14) He still opens my door for me.

15) We ALWAYS end a phone conversation with "I Love You". Even if he is miffed with me, he'll still say it! :-)

16) He'll bring me flowers "just because".

17) He works hard. He has a full-time job and still works for his dad. It stinks sometimes -- okay -- lots of the time, but he still does it.

18) His family comes first.

19) If you are lucky enough to be his friend, then you have a friend for life.

20) He is the most patient person I know. I don't know how he does what he does!

21) He'll give me his "crispy" part of his fish and take my "thicker" part. (I don't like thick fillets!)

22) He knows that I like honey mustard with my onion rings, lemon in my tea/water, no jalepenos on my " Spud Ole", my eggs hard scrambled, and he knows (better than I do I am ashamed to admit), how I like my coffee!

23) He'll arrange for someone(s) to watch the kiddos so we can have a "date" every now and then.  It doesn't happen often, but we try!

24) He decorates an amazing Christmas tree. I am not the creative one here...he is so good at that kind of stuff! Thank goodness the kids have him around to help with projects and stuff!

25) He is faithful ~ enough said.

I could go on and on.  This is just the tip of the iceberg people!  He is the perfect example of Christ's love for the church.  There are so many times I can't understand why he puts up with my craziness, moodiness or stubborness, but it is all because he loves me ~ unconditionally.  It's just that simple.  Just like God's love for us ~ it's unconditional!  Yeah...it's pretty awesome! :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time Does Fly!

Obviously...because it has been almost 2 months since my last blog! We have moved, celebrated birthdays, had sleepovers, slept in, loved summer, and so much more. I know the evil school stuff is looming around the corner, but I just can't bring myself to think about it just yet...lalalala!

So first, we moved to an amazing neighborhood. So many kids, so many nice families! The girls would stay outside from dawn to dusk (which I wouldn't mind if it weren't 120 degrees outside!), and the boys pretty much do! Well -- they spend alot of time swimming. In the evenings when it cools down, we all emerge from our cool caves and ride bikes, go for walks, or talk. I seriously can't tell you how happy we are with our new neighborhood! I don't care if they tore down my old house and replaced it with a 4,000 square foot house for less money. The people who had moved in next door brought their 2 pit bulls. Nice. They had to be chained up when they were out because the yard was not gated all the way around. They barked like crazy any time we were outside (and that was lovely since I get home at 11:30 at night on the days I work.) Sometimes I just walked back there to get them all worked up just to be mean -- oops! I didn't care ... our bedrooms were on the other side of the house. I was so afraid for the girls to even go in the backyard (we had a chain link fence on that side). Those jokers are strong and if they got mad enough, I was afraid they would break their chain and come over that fence in a millisecond! Anyway....there were no neighborhood kids for the boys to play with either (except one - long story). All that and the obvious growing of our family called for a new place to call home! So fast forward...here we are! The biggest change is that Zachary and Josh each have their own room. Zachary (my OCD child) is sooooo happy! He has a place for everything and everything is in its place. Josh ,however, (as I have stated before) is NOT OCD about things....his philosophy is "let the chips [or stuff] fall where they may." You get the idea. See why Zachary is so happy?

Now, the drawbacks to our present situation. 1) The girls can reach the locks and can escape out the front door anytime. So far, this hasn't been a HUGE issue...but it still is an issue. 2) Twice I have come home from work and nearly had a panic attack because I literally could not find one of my kids (and suprisingly, neither time it was Ava!) The first time it was Josh. He had fallen asleep in an overstuffed chair in the corner of the living room. The lights were out, so I couldn't see him. The second time it was Zachary. The girls were afraid of the fireworks the neighbors behind us were shooting off, so he had fallen asleep in the girl's room. Ava was in our bed curled up next to Charles. My heart was racing that night!

So anyway....here we are...in the throws of summer...aaahhhhh...so nice! Sarah and Ava both had birthdays. They are now 4 and 3. Wow! How does that happen? Sarah is obsessed with wearing clothes that are purple, and Ava clomps around the house all day in her princess shoes. She is quite the diva! We've been playing in the little blow-up pool. Well, the girls have. I just supervise! We would love to have a pool....maybe in a couple of years. Goodness knows we would use it! We'll see...rumors of a dog are brewing....

I had to change my pictures on my blog. I just realized it's summer and in the old pics, all my kids are wearing sweaters! Ha! The beach pics are from last year. Everyone still looks the same - except taller - and Josh does have a buzz cut! That's okay...they're still cute...even if they are mine! :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Could STILL Use That Starbucks!

It may be 6:30 p.m., but I still wish I had me a White Chocolate Mocha -- non-fat -- with whip from Starbucks. I had wanted to stop on my way into work this morning, but I ran out of time (the story of my life!) My sweet Sarah had a nasty bug that hit her about 1:30 this morning (just as Charles and I were getting in bed after working on some house stuff. The couple buying our house was coming back for a final walk-thru Sunday), and she and I were up til almost 4. I had to get up at 7 to get ready for work so....well...you do the math. I have wracked my brain and for the life of me, I have no idea where she could have gotten it. All I know is she was one sick, pitiful little girl ~ but such a trooper! Unfortunately, when she got sick the first time, she happened to include Ava in her "shower of blessings", so Ava woke up crying and upset that "Sissy frew up on me!" Charles got busy cleaning them off and I changed the sheets. After everyone was clean, Sarah and I moved to the couch and daddy calmed Ava back to sleep. As I was getting Sarah a change of clothes, Charles asked if I wanted to put her in bed with me and he could lay down with Ava in her bed. I told him no, that it was easier for me to keep her on the couch with a wastebasket nearby. I went back into the bathroom and Sarah had the most forlorn look on her face and asked "But who's gonna take care of me?" I asked her what she meant and she said, "If you are in your bed and Daddy is with Ava, who is going to take care of me?" Well - if that doesn't cut you at the knees, then you my friend, do not have a soul! Once I told her I was taking care of her - that we were sleeping on the couch together - she perked right back up. That poor angel! It breaks my heart that she even thought - if only for a few seconds - no one was going to take care of her!

So, by 4 her little body finally gave up and she feel asleep and we spent the rest of the night on the couch. When she got up, she was all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start her day ~ for which I am thankful. Considering Charles was just as exhausted as I was, I know he was glad she felt better. It is one thing to be dog-tired, but to be dog-tired and have a sick child...that is a totally different story!

So -- we are ready start our week ... looking forward to the move (well - not actually moving, but the end result!), hopefully the boys will find out what is going to happen with karate (Prairie Life closed and their instructor has to find a new place to practice), maybe my car will be fixed so I can get it out of the shop (transmission issues - but covered under warranty!) and maybe I can actually see Josh play baseball! His game Saturday was rained out, so I have yet to see him play a game!

We are only a couple of weeks away from June my friends...summer is fast approaching! :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Hate Titles!

I do...coming up with a title is worse than writing the blog! I looked at the date I last blogged and could not believe how long since it has been since I wrote anything. Goodness knows I could use some writing therapy! Maybe this will make my eye stop twitching...ha! No really, my left eye has been twitching for about 2 weeks. I actually googled it and causes can be tiredness or stress. So either way I lose! The change in my work schedule means I am always tired, and just the thought of the impending move makes me want to reach for a little brown bag to breathe in.

Yes, since my last blog, we put our house up for sale..sold it in 4 days...then found an AH-MAZING house for ourselves. Seriously...Charles and I had decided if we did not get this house, we would probably move into an apartment and consider buying a lot and building. But that was not to be! This one is so perfect for us. Strange thing is, the only reason we even looked at it was just to kill time while someone else looked at our house. I had seen the pics on the internet, but wasn't really "wowed" by them. When we walked thru it though, Charles and I both had "that feeling"...you know...it had the "it" factor. We couldn't put our finger on it...we just knew this was "our" house. It's kind of like when you know you have met "the one"...the one you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. It's beautiful...and will take many many years to decorate the way we want. That's okay tho...we have the time..I just don't have the patience (or the $$..ha!!) It's only a couple of minutes (literally) from where we are now, so the move should be easy. I just dread the packing...and the unpacking. I was hoping to be able to slip into some sort of coma for a few days and wake up and it all be done...yeah...right......where is that little brown bag again?

So that's what's going on for us. The kids are sooooo excited! The boys are looking forward to having their own room...I'm looking forward to the big kitchen and reclaiming an actual master bath...and the closet space! Charles is pumped about having a 3rd car garage...and we are all looking forward to the new friends to be made! I hear the cove is full of kiddos, so lots of playmates for everyone!

Oh~and let's not forget the most important event coming up.....the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Seriously, I don't know who is looking forward to it more, me or the boys! No schedules, no tests, no forms to fill out, no lunches to make, no backpacks, no uniforms....aaah! I've been looking forward to this since spring break....2 months of bliss (well -- for the most part -- until the fighting begins! :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ha! Yeah -- that pretty much describes my life on an erveryday basis, but you know, I am pretty used to it by now. I was just looking at my blog and realized here it is, almost the middle of April, and I have not blogged even once this month. Goodness knows, I should have...that would relieve plenty of stress! Let me just throw out a few things to catch up on the last few weeks...

- Josh has started baseball. He loves it, and appears to be pretty good at it! He has practice on Mondays and then Charles has to get him to karate. Makes for a stressful afternoon for Charles..poor guy! Add to that the Mondays when I am working, and then it s even more stressful for him. :-( Sometimes I think there are more disadvantages than advantages to my schedule, but what do you do? At least I have a job...

- Allergies....'nuf said! I need to invest in an antihistamine company!

- Because of said allergies, Sarah has been BACK to the dr. for her recurrent croup -- got a cxr (which was normal) - and still tends to "bark" periodically. I am taking it upon myself to diagnose her croup due to allergies. She's okay though -- I am blessed to have healthy kids! I'm not going to stress over some sniffs and drips!

- We had a visitor at our house a couple of weeks ago....a little bird got in thru the back door going into the garage! Fortunately, Josh was not home at the time or we would have had to do CPR on him...he would have totally freaked! My poor mom was trying to heard the girls out so she could take them to her house to meet an inspector. Thank goodness she managed to get him out with no incident (like pooping!)

- Same day -- while the girls were at my mom's -- Ava somehow figured out how to call 911. At least they called back before they sent the calvary out to her house!

- Finally, we now have a "For Sale" sign in our yard! I'm still in shock! It would be great if it sold quickly. People think we are crazy for selling our house. Umm, have you counted how many people actually live there? We do like our house -- it isn't personal -- we just need more room! The boys are busting out of their room, and quite frankly - they each need their own. They are the epitome of "The Odd Couple", and have now reached the age where I think they would like each other more if they each had their own space. On the other hand, I plan on keeping the girls together as long as they want to share a room. They love to giggle and play, and when it comes to sleeping, they sleep like puppies -- all over each other! I NEED a master bath -- a retreat -- a room for me where I can lock the door! Yes - I admit I am being selfish, but I don't think that is much to ask. Six people require S-P-A-C-E ! Oh well - time will tell! I'm so very proud of my husband for working so hard to get the house ready!

I guess hat sums it up -- for now! Stayed tuned for more excitement! :-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Was I Just Thinking About?

I am getting so old....or my kids have sucked every functioning brain cell out of my head! I had a great topic to blog about and for the life of me I have forgotten what it was! Whatever it was had pushed its way all the way past the other potential blog topics into the number 1 spot...and now I can't even remember what it was! AAAAAGGHHH! That is so frustrating....I've tried to re-trace my thoughts but that hasn't helped either. I'm telling you -- it's those lovely children of mine! Let's see....I do remember reading an awesome blog on marriage by "MckMama" (see the blog list on the right!).....it was so amazing I was just going to post the link and let you read it yourself...then I am sure one of my kids did something to deserve an entry. I'm just a total blank!

Well, I guess if I'm here, I might as well blog about something. It's going to be stream of randomness, so just bear with me! Let's see.....we have "sort of" started potty training with Ava. She is just not getting it. I need to have everyone else move out of the house for a couple of days so it can just be me and her, but that isn't going to happen. My work schedule is so crazy that I don't have enough days off in a row where we can just stay home and focus on this (and my job? -- that deserves another post -- but can't do it here -- those thoughts are best kept to myself, so just pray that an amazing miracle happens to rectify that situation!) Like Sarah, it will "click" for her eventually....and I cannot wait! Then we will be diaper-free! Woohoo! Yea for small victories! (Small victories that add up to big $$$!)

Hmmm....what else is going on...there is always something! Life is just it's normal crazy self at our house...karate....baseball...we go in different directions most days - and the girls have not even started any extra sports or activities yet!

I STILL can't think of what it was I wanted to blog about...maybe about my dislike for change...how frustrating life can be sometimes...how much I love my kiddos and how fast they are growing up...I don't know. If it comes back to me, I'll let you know! Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Over Already?

Man -- spring break came and went faster than I could blink! Where did the time go? it ws sooo nice to not have to make lunches or worry about homework or backpacks...summer just can't come fast enough! We did plenty of stuff...but not like REALLY fun stuff. The two days the weather was nice, I had to work..but the kiddos played outside, so they were still happy. We had dentist appointments (still no cavities..woohoo!), ate at Perkins TWICE (the boys could eat there every meal I think!), and they had play practice every night from 6-9. Tonight (Tuesday), is their first night at home in I don't know how long...they just don't know what to do! They were bummed after Sunday's performance because they won't see their new friends on a regular basis. :-( That's okay...we got phone numbers, so we can keep in touch! At Sunday's performance, they presented Josh with what you see here....

Josh was the "Featured Artist" for "Dear Edwina"...meaning his artwork was used for all posters, tickets, flyers, etc. Leanne (the president of New Day Theatre), had a flyer and ticket framed and had all the cast sign...isn't it precious? They had such a good time...and most importantly, made some new friends along the way. Josh is really excited because this summer they are doing two sessions of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" workshops. He just looooves that series! The movie can't come out fast enough!
So -- that was our week in a nutshell...hope you guys have/had a great spring break!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Josh

So -- this is my Josh. Hard to believe he is 8 1/2 now. Seems like only yesterday he looked like this.....

I don't know about you, but I see a whole lot of Ava in that picture! He was 4..playing soccer for the first time. Everyone else would be running down the field after the ball, and he was in his own little world...just jogging behind...waving as he went by! He really is so cute - even if he is mine!

Sometimes I think Josh gets the short end of the stick...he isn't the oldest....isn't the youngest...isn't the first girl...you get the idea. He's a special little guy. (I forgot - he isn't so little anymore!) Of course, all my kids are - but each in their own way. Josh loves video games...and candy...and video games...and candy...and video games...and candy. Well, he does like other stuff too - like reading, playing baseball and basketball (a newfound interest), drawing cartoons, watching movies, and aggravating his siblings. He makes me laugh, and on occasion, he makes me want to pull my hair out. He is a blue belt in karate. His drawing won as the poster for the play he and Zachary are going to be in in a couple of weeks. (The play is "Dear Edwina" at Harrell Theatre March 12-15....shameless plug!) He is a scatterbrain (how many times has he lost his wallet?) He can go to sleep at night with the blanket and sheet covering him, and by the next morning the sheet is shoved all the way down to the foot of the bed and he is wrapped up in the comforter like a sausage. He loves jokes, has an INTENSE fear of storms (no exaggerating there!), and an equally intense imagination. He has a fierce temper, and an amazing ability to feel deeply. He has a sensitive little spirit that makes him cry if you look at him wrong. He most definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. His glass is always half-full. We learned quickly that grounding him or taking things away from him does not work as an effective form of punishment because he would just say, "Oh well, that's okay. I'll just (insert new interest of choice here) instead." He is such a joy to hang out with one-on-one.....not that that happens very much, but I treasure it when it does. I sure do love him...he's my favorite Josh!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get Out Your Hard Hats!

Yeah - just a quick blurb to let you know I have been playing around with the layout and background of my blog and after over a YEAR I have FINALLY figured out what I have been doing wrong. It was simply a matter of changing my original template. I know that info just made your day, but in the meantime I want to apololgize to my friend Jen because we now have the same background, but I promise to change mine ASAP. I was doodling around with this at work, then got busy, and now it is time to go home -- which takes priority over blog changes. I'm excited about what I can now do...woo hoo! This site is now under construction! :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Stuff

I can't believe I have gone this long without posting. I just don't know where the time goes! Everyone is doing great -- the boys are worn out between karate, play practice, and - oh yeah - school! Josh is having video game withdrawls. Their schedule is wearing us out too...I think I will be glad when this play is over. They are having lots of fun and are enjoying making new friends, but I think they will be glad for a break! The girls are their normal silly selves. They have started this new thing at home where they play "grocery store". Sarah is in the kitchen and Ava comes through with their little grocery cart and Sarah says, "Well hello! Come on in! How are you today?" They are so funny...so dramatic...I am in trouble when the teenage years hit! (How many times have I said that??)

So what did you do for Valentine's Day? Yeah - I know - it has been almost a week, so you might have already forgotten! Personally, I had a great one. Charles and I had a late dinner Friday night at Houston's. Saturday we slept in since the kiddos were gone (that was SOOOOO NIIIIICE!! Seriously! If you are able to sleep past 7:00 on Saturday mornings, consider yourself very fortunate!!), took the boys to play practice, ate lunch at El Porton (what??? 2 meals just the 2 of us? how did THAT happen?), ran errands, picked up all of said children and then headed to our friend's house for a fondu dinner. That was wonderful! She had a chocolate fountain for dessert and Josh discovered carrots weren't so bad when covered in chocolate. I think I will take his word on that one. On Sunday, the kiddos and hubby gave me a wonderful present - 2 heart charms for the Chamilia bracelet they bought me for Christmas. Now I have 3!

We went to church Sunday morning and Pastor spoke about marriage (duh!), but he did bring up one point that I thought was very interesting - and very true. Courtship. He said less marriages would end up in court if there was more courtship in marriage. He said we should have at least 2 ideas of ways we can "court" our spouse over the next 40 days. That is a very good point - especially for those marriages like ours that get so caught up in the logistics of just getting thru the day that you forget to take time to show your spouse why you treasure him/her. Women love the "little things" and the guys like to know they are thought of too (but are less likely to admit it!) There is a marriage blog I follow (you can find it to the left on my side bar), and she also has had some very good points to make (to the wives) about respecting your husband - and lots of other good nuggets! I'm not going to go into it here, but I encourage you to check it out. I've been "gently reminded" of some things that I have forgotten in regards to my relationship with my husband. Yes, our lives are crazy (have I said that already?) After all, we have been married for 13+ years you know! Romance/courtship is so easy when you are dating. That is all you think about, "What can I do to show him how much I love him? To let him know how important he is to me? That I think about him constantly?" Remember those days? You get married, have kids, and then the best you can do is make sure the cap is on the toothpaste. Sometimes I need to just take a step back and look at things (him) from a fresh perspective. I have ordered a book (and for the life of me I can't remember the name...so I will have to get back to you on that!) at the suggestion of my friend Jen's blog, which I am anxious to start reading. It is about nurturing your husband. I will have to keep you updated as to how it goes. It might take me while to get thru it, but I am going to do it!

Anyway -- that is all that is happening in these parts! I am so ready for spring and warm (even hot!) weather, swimming pools, flip flops, capris, t-shirts and shorts (from a laundry perspective!), long days, riding in the car with the windows down, and lots and lots of sunshine. Please feel free to remind me of this in August when it is 150 degress outside and we are sweating in the shower. For now however, I do believe I am starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday's 60 degree weather was enough to give me a taste!! C'mon spring!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's Nothing Like.......

.....an innocent face!

Monday, January 18, 2010

We Had A Great Day...It Was A Super Way....

....to spend....some time together. (FYI....for those of you without little ones, those lines are from a song they play at the end of "Fresh Beat Band" - a show watched numerous times daily at my house!) It WAS a great day....kids out of school....beautiful sunshine and warm air....aaaahhhh! Just a taste of spring, which unfortunately is still a couple of months away (sigh!) That's okay...it will be here before we know it. We hung out at home in the morning, then after lunch I took the brood to Sonic for ice-cream (gotta love the Butterfinger blast - YUM!), came back home and put the girls down for a nap - which I hated to do because the weather was awesome, but considering they did not have naps yesterday, I thought it to be in EVERYONE'S best interest that they sleep (and they did - for almost 3 hours, so I think I chose wisely!) That's okay - while they snoozed, they boys and I cleaned up some limbs from the backyard and then played some baseball. Good thing we were playing with a rubber ball or Zachary would have taken out a window from the house next door - the kid can hit! Charles came home and it was Chick-fil-A for dinner (I made bbq chicken tenders and corn for lunch and spent my afternoon outside so there was no time to cook dinner too) and off to karate. The boys are now BLUE BELTS - woo hoo! They passed their belt test last Saturday. They have only 3 more colors until they reach their black belts. I am so proud of them! I'm guessing maybe this time next year or maybe even next summer they will reach black belt....hard to say though. It has taken 2 years just to get to this point. That's okay though - the process has been well worth it.

So anyway - we are in the midst of normal chaos, which is a good thing. I just can't wait for summer now....pool days...just being able to be outside more. The natives are getting restless over here! The boys also auditioned for play here in Collierville called "Dear Edwina" - and both got parts, so they will have rehearsals for that too. I've wondered "What was I thinking?" several times since they got the parts because that means 2 nights a week is karate, 1 or 2 nights a week will be play practice (til the show in March), then church on Wednesday. Have you done the math yet? Yeah - I thought the same. Yes - it will be chaotic again...but they will enjoy it - and they will still have reasonable bed times (unlike Christmas!) It's all good. All I care about is that they are doing something they want to do. I've grilled them several times and they assure me they are - soooooo......here we go again!

Friday, January 1, 2010

What Do You See????

What do you see in the above picture of our mantle that could possibly stress out a 3 year-old? Once the decorations were all put together, Sarah was very concerned.....about her stocking! How was Santa going to reach her stocking? I was asked this question over, and over, and over, and over soooo many times. I tried to reassure her that Santa had his own way of getting down stockings, that he would be sure to fill it and leave it where she could reach it Christmas morning. She still needed that reassurance though - constantly - one answer was not sufficient. Thankfully, come Christmas morning, she saw that I was right and all was well. She is most definitely a child who only believes by seeing...maybe it is an age thing!

Our Christmas was exhausting and exciting....and as I have said on my Facebook page, I am ready to trade all the "Christmas Chaos" for our "Normal Chaos"! However, I am not looking forward to the boys going back to school and having to deal with homework and backpacks and lunches...yuck! There is something to be said for those who homeschool! How much longer til summer break? Spring break is only a couple of months away...then there is Easter....then school will be out for summer...woo hoo!

I am looking at the sea of toys in my house and am thinking that there has to be some serious changes in how we do Christmas next year. For once we actually bought early, but I'm thinking that wasn't such a good idea. We kept thinking of just "one more thing" the closer Christmas got! I'm just thinking that our Christmas is going to change next year. I already have some ideas...hmmmm......

So anyway -- hope you had a fabulous New Year and that 2010 brings you an abundance of God's love and peace and most importantly His many blessings! I pray especially that He will reveal Himself to you in so many ways...big and small...so that you will always be reminded that He is forever by your side. Don't be like Sarah.....you don't HAVE to see in order to believe!