Monday, January 18, 2010

We Had A Great Day...It Was A Super Way.... spend....some time together. (FYI....for those of you without little ones, those lines are from a song they play at the end of "Fresh Beat Band" - a show watched numerous times daily at my house!) It WAS a great out of school....beautiful sunshine and warm air....aaaahhhh! Just a taste of spring, which unfortunately is still a couple of months away (sigh!) That's will be here before we know it. We hung out at home in the morning, then after lunch I took the brood to Sonic for ice-cream (gotta love the Butterfinger blast - YUM!), came back home and put the girls down for a nap - which I hated to do because the weather was awesome, but considering they did not have naps yesterday, I thought it to be in EVERYONE'S best interest that they sleep (and they did - for almost 3 hours, so I think I chose wisely!) That's okay - while they snoozed, they boys and I cleaned up some limbs from the backyard and then played some baseball. Good thing we were playing with a rubber ball or Zachary would have taken out a window from the house next door - the kid can hit! Charles came home and it was Chick-fil-A for dinner (I made bbq chicken tenders and corn for lunch and spent my afternoon outside so there was no time to cook dinner too) and off to karate. The boys are now BLUE BELTS - woo hoo! They passed their belt test last Saturday. They have only 3 more colors until they reach their black belts. I am so proud of them! I'm guessing maybe this time next year or maybe even next summer they will reach black belt....hard to say though. It has taken 2 years just to get to this point. That's okay though - the process has been well worth it.

So anyway - we are in the midst of normal chaos, which is a good thing. I just can't wait for summer now....pool days...just being able to be outside more. The natives are getting restless over here! The boys also auditioned for play here in Collierville called "Dear Edwina" - and both got parts, so they will have rehearsals for that too. I've wondered "What was I thinking?" several times since they got the parts because that means 2 nights a week is karate, 1 or 2 nights a week will be play practice (til the show in March), then church on Wednesday. Have you done the math yet? Yeah - I thought the same. Yes - it will be chaotic again...but they will enjoy it - and they will still have reasonable bed times (unlike Christmas!) It's all good. All I care about is that they are doing something they want to do. I've grilled them several times and they assure me they are - we go again!

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all4boys said...

Sounds like a perfect day! We had a great one, too. Graham and Drew were at a friends' house, so it was just me and the little 2. I let them each invite a friend over from school, so they had lots of fun entertainment.

Okay~awesome about the blue belts AND the Dear Edwina!!! I am so proud of them! That is really amazing. I know they are going to LOVE being part of that~I have a friend whose daughter was part of the cast for Annie they just got done with~and she loved it. They will always remember that time. Todd did a play when he was around 13 or so and he still talks about all the fun he had. Love you, girl!!!