Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talk About Extreme....

When I think about what I was doing 2 weeks ago, and what I am doing now, it is depressing!  Two weeks ago, Charles & I were in Mexico...lots of sun...great worries.  Today, it's freakin' cold, I think the last thing I ate was popcorn - yesterday, and my mind is in a tailspin!  Charles had major surgery Thursday and won't be home for several more days, which I just cannot stand.  I hate that he is in pain, I hate that he can't hear (will address that later), and I hate trying to sleep without him here with me.  I just can't!  Isn't that pitiful?  Am I the only one like that?  I usually keep the t.v. on all night and sort of doze.  Each day is getting better - for him...thank goodness!  I do not want to re-live Thursday for anything.  Let me tell you all about my day....

We checked into the hospital around 11.a.m. and still had to wait over an hour for him to be called back.  It was almost an hour after that before I could go back with him (thanks for sitting with me Traci!)  Let me just add here that I already felt like a rubber band about to SNAP!  I was stressed - about the surgery - about the kids - and so much more!  When I get this way, I get snippy (I know, me?  snippy?  Hard to imagine isn't it?)  Unfortunately, Charles was the only one around for me to take it out on.  I know, automatic nomination for "Worst Wife of 2008".  He knows I'm stressed, and is used to my quirkiness (thank God).  Here he is, waiting to have major surgery and he tells me, "Honey, it's all going to be okay."  Well, then I lost it, because I realize I have officially WON the title of "Worst Wife of 2008" (no other applicants need to apply!)  I should be the one telling him it's all going to be okay!  "Hello, my name is Rene', and I am scum!"

I collect myself, he answers the same questions a thousand times to different people (talk about CYA!), all is well, and he gets whisked away.  I wait in the waiting room with Charles' mom & later his dad joins us.  I get called with updates every hour, and finally Dr. Miller calls when he out of surgery.  Everything went well and he was doing fine.  He was in recovery and they would call us "in about an hour" with his room number.  That hour turned into almost 3!  While we waited though, I was reminded of how blessed I really am.  The waiting room was almost empty and I noticed 2 dr.s came out and talked to this really cute lady I had seen while Charles was in his little "holding area" prior to surgery.  They talked to her for a really long time and then I saw her start to cry.  Her friend who was with her put her arms around her and hugged her, then the dr.s hugged her, they talked a little more, then it was just her & her friend.  Well of course it didn't take a genius to figure out something had gone wrong.  I went to the restroom and the lady's friend happened to come in after me and was on her cell phone (I was faced with the dilemma of "to-pee-or-not-to-pee" know those cell phones pick up EVERYTHING!)  Anyway, come to find out, this lady's husband must have had a tumor in his stomach that was supposed to have been removed, but when they got in there, his whole abdominal cavity was full of little tumors.  The dr.s just closed him back up and they were going to call in an oncologist.   I felt so sorry for her.  Her whole world was turned upside down in a matter of minutes.  All my problems were very small all of the sudden.  Ah, but then the ugly monster reared his head once more.  After Charles finally got into a room, the nurse told me they had to hold him in recovery b/c his sats were dropping.  He was in so much pain, and I was thinking what am I going to do?  I HAD to go home.  My mom had to get back to my grandmother, the kids had one more day of school, I still needed to wash uniform pants, Zachary had a sleepover to go to right after school, so he had clothes to get together, b'day invitations had be finished to be sent home in "Friday Folders"....but I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him!  Fortunately, I guess his dad picked up on my anxiety b/c he volunteered to stay.  During this time, they called an "Emory House" to a room right across the hall from his (that's hospital code for 'a patient is crashing').  I peeked out and the patient was actually a girl who had walked in right before us when we checked in.  I don't know what type of surgery she had done, but the fact that she had also just come out of surgery freaked me out.  Long story short, Charles gets his pain meds and is zonked, so I leave to go home.  I barely get to the car and I just fall apart.  The day was just too much.  Granted, I had it easier than others - we were blessed with good results - but at that time, it didn't matter.  

So let's fast forward.  Each day gets better.  Today he walked around the floor and even took a shower.  When I talked to him earlier, he was hurting again, so he probably did too much.  Another downfall is that he cannot hear - again.  His ears have filled up with fluid again and he really can't hear.  His friend Chris came and looked at his ears and prescribed 2 different sprays and a pill, so hopefully that will help.  Don't EVER fly if you have the slightest sign of a sinus infection!  Anyway - now I need to restore some sort of normalcy for my kids.  I remember my mom having several surgeries when I was little and I hated when she was in the hospital.  The boys are with me tonight (Josh went to bed at 7 feeling sleepy and having chills...I hope he is just tired!) and I will have all 4 back tomorrow.  I am so grateful for grandmas and family who don't mind keeping the kiddos!  I don't know what I would do without them!  I can't wait for all of us to be under one roof again!

So - that is what the last few days have been like in our household.  Charles has a looooong recovery ahead of him.  I guess at some point I need to start thinking about Christmas.  Right now I just feel all "Bah-Humbug" about the whole thing.  Seriously - Christmas is Charles' "thing".  He does the tree every year and it is amazing!  There is no way I can even get the stuff down from the attic, much less try to put it up!  Oh well - we are just going to have to take everything one day at a time and be grateful for the things we do have - especially good health!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weekend To Remember

That is exactly what this past weekend was. We went to Aventura Spa Palace in the Myan Riviera Sat.-Tues. It was the perfect way to spend our anniversary. Charles' dad actually won this trip, but wasn't able to go, so he gave it to us. It was all inclusive....we even had free calls to the U.S. from our room (which is needed when you are checking up on 4 kids!) The only thing we had to pay for was our shopping excursion in Playa Del Carmen - and the dr. visit to our room the first night. Charles had been battling sinus problems before we left, and the descent from the plane when we landed did him in. The first night he was up at 2 a.m. basically in tears because his ears hurt so bad. The last time I saw him in that bad of shape was when he was in the hospital for his diverticulitis. Anyway - this place was so awesome - they have a dr. on call 24/7...he was at our room in 15 minutes - examined Charles - gave him 2 shots and some pills and 20 minutes after he was gone Charles was snoozing away. Drugs are a beautiful thing! The dr. said if he wasn't any better, to call him and he would come back at no charge. This place was incredible. You can see pics of the trip on my Facebook page. (Let me throw this in -- I'm sure everyone knows the mark-up is outrageous in Mexico. At the airport, they had a little snack area for sandwiches, drinks, and Pringles. Guess how much 2 can drinks and a can of Pringles cost........$10! We didn't pay that -- I'd rather go hungry - but others did!)

Anyway - like I said - this was our anniversary and I have done a lot of thinking over the past few days. It makes me laugh to think of how we started out in our little one bedroom apartment (that I could vacuum entirely from one outlet) and have grown to a family of 6 in a house that is now bursting at the seems! We are by no means perfect, but I so love my husband and am grateful to God for bringing us together. We have had funny moments (oh so many of them!), sad moments, scary moments, worrisome moments, etc., but each "moment" has made us stronger. I have always said that he is the only person who could be married to me and not divorce me! I blame it on OCS...."Only-Child-Syndrome". We have learned that we have to make an effort to make time for "us". With 4 kids and our crazy schedule, that is near impossible, but somehow we manage. We have learned to rely on the "little" things. We joke that we are rare because we actually LIKE each other and like to do things together. I want to share the things that I love about Charles...the things that make him so special to me:

1) He loves his family. Charles is 100% hands-on with his kids. With my work schedule, I am gone 3 nights out of the week, so that is 3 nights he is home alone with 4 kids and having to manage homework, dinner, sometimes karate, baths, and bedtime. There aren't many men who would do that - or at least be good at it!

2) I love how he will do little things to show me he thinks of me. On days he comes home and knows I am driving his car the next day, he'll set the CD player to my favorite CD, or he'll send me an e-card for no reason. He doesn't hesitate to make me feel special.

3) He is always quick to compliment if he thinks I look nice, or even on dinner (when I am able to cook!)

4) He voluntarily helps out around the house. He will give the girls a bath while I do dishes or vice-versa. I never have to ask him to help me.

5) He has no problem with me having a "girls night" every now & then - even when I am gone other nights of the week.

6) He has a tender heart and is soft-spoken. He never yells and never talks down to me.

7) He has the best arms in the world! When he hugs me, it is the best part of my day!

8) His "oh well" attitude is so comforting. We had a "situation" while we were on our trip and his response was "let's go get dessert" - rather than wringing his hands together and freaking out. Now I know where Josh gets it!

9) He is great at making me see the "other side of the story". If I get upset about something he'll say, "Well, from their perspective, they probably meant......"

10) I love how he hums in the shower.

11) He'll bring home Nestle Tollhouse ice-cream cookies when he has to make a night trip to Wal-Mart!

12) He will sew his own button or iron his own shirt. I would do it if he asked, but he has no problem doing it himself if I'm not home.

13) He makes the BEST lasagna, cheesecake, and oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies!

14) He still opens my door for me.

15) We ALWAYS end a phone conversation with "I Love You". Even if he is miffed with me, he'll still say it! :-)

16) He'll bring me flowers "just because".

17) He works hard. He has a full-time job and still works for his dad. It stinks sometimes, but he still does it.

18) His kids and his family come first. Sometimes his dad has a problem with him taking off to go to a game or karate tournament. I think he is just jealous because he sees Charles doing what he should have been doing 30 years ago.

19) He is quick to help out a friend or neighbor.

20) He is the most patient person I know. I don't know how he does what he does!

21) He'll give me his "crispy" part of his fish and take my "thicker" part. (I don't like thick fillets!)

22) He knows that I like honey mustard with my onion rings, lemon in my tea/water, no jalepenos on my " Spud Ole", and my eggs hard scrambled.
23) He'll arrange for the kids to go to his moms so we can have a "date" every now & then!

24) He decorates an amazing Christmas tree. I am not the creative one here...he is so good at that kind of stuff!

25) He is faithful. Enough said.

I could go on but I'm sure you are tired of reading about why I am so in love with him. I love him for the big things as well as the little things. I can't wait to see where the next 12 years leads us!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to FROG!

"FROG" ......Fully Rely On God. Is that what you are doing? Were you doing it before the elections? I hope so, but if you weren't, I'm sure you are now. I don't want to give the wrong impression, but I'm not upset about the election results. I've known from the beginning that God was in control and knew who our leader would be before the first vote was ever cast. It's not like He was watching the returns saying, "Oh my gosh! What is going on down there?" He's the Alpha and Omega...the First and Last. He may not have answered the prayers of many in the way that was anticipated, but that just proves once again that "The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works." (Ps. 145:17) (Note - it is HIS way ... not OUR way!) It isn't our responsibility to be disappointed, it is our responsibility to lift this man up in prayer daily as he leads this nation. He has a difficult task ahead of him and even though there are things we may not agree on, he is still our President. God placed him there for a reason and we should honor that.

When I was in high school, my algebra & geometry books had the answers to all the odd problems in the back. Sometimes I would get so frustrated trying to work out the problem that I would just write down the answer and not care how I got it. Getting the right answer was all well & good, but I was really cheating myself for not taking the time to figure out how to actually work the problem. I guess what I am trying to say is that today some people might be trying to jump to the answer...what is God trying to show me/us through this election? What we should do (in my opinion) is slow down, and see how God is going to work in our nation. This is not the time to despare and have an "oh woe is me!" attitude. This should be a time for everyone to put aside political views and unite in praying for our nation as well as our leader.