Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!!

Wow! It's hard to believe the guy in that picture will be "officially" 11 years old in about 20 minutes! Exactly 11 years ago tonight, I was in a hospital room at Methodist Germantown, waiting to be induced. I remember it very was a Wednesday night...Charles and I went to Buntyn for dinner, then checked into the hospital by 9 p.m. I remember putting on the hospital gown and feeling scared out of my mind! I felt like I was on a runaway train....all I could do was close my eyes and brace myself for what was about to happen. The next day went on forever (at least for me it did!). He wasn't born until 9:15 the next night. Our family still jokes that everyone else in the waiting room came and went and our family was the last to leave! I was so tired....they had just come in and "boosted" my epidural. I was feeling so nice and warm and numb....and then I had to push! Thirty minutes later I had my first little Christmas angel! I had spiked a fever just before he was born, which meant he had a fever too -- so he had to be whisked away for a bit to be seen about, but he was okay. In the midst of all that, my sweet nurse brought me a "lunchable" sandwich and a Diet coke. That was the best food EVER! I was famished! To this day, a Lunchable has never tasted so good!

We became a family of three that day, and the dynamics of our marriage changed forever -- for the good of course! We immediately were at the mercy of this tiny little person, who let us know when we could sleep, when we could eat, where we could go, and when we could go! At the same time, we learned that it really was possible to love someone else with all your be in awe of another human being was an incredible feeling! This was our tiny little miracle...yes...a miracle. I had a smooth pregnancy, but in my eyes, EVERY baby is a miracle of God and His handiwork...all the little fingers and toes and sighs and coos are amazing every day!

In eleven years, Zachary has grown into an incredible young man. I love his sense of humor, his gentle heart, his compassion, his love for the Lord and willingness to serve Him. He is a really cool kid...and I love spending time with him. I am so proud to call him my son.....I love you Zachary - and I pray you will continue to follow the Lord and grow stronger in your walk with Him. Happy Birthday Bud!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LOTS To Be Thankful For!

I really do....I have a happy healthy family ("happy" might be questionable depending on who you ask...ha!), I have a job (even though I might not like all aspects of it - I am still quite thankful for it!), I have a devoted husband and father (which seems to be a rare thing these days), a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a vehicle to drive, $$ in the bank (not a lot, but enough for us!). Yes, things are very good. Even though I might look at my glass as "half-empty" sometimes, in reality it is very much full. We do have much to be thankful for again this year.

Things have taken a different turn this year, which does make me sad. This this the first holiday season without my grandmother. It really won't be the same. Even though she really wasn't able to cook for a couple of years, I still miss all her cooking. She made the BEST dressing (although Uncle Terry and Aunt Jan can duplicate it!), and at Christmas she would make all kinds of treats....peanut brittle (so glad she taught my mom how to do it!), "Trash" as she called it -- just some Chex mix, but still good -- divinity, and other assortments of chocolate covered items. Then, we usually go to Charles' grandmother's for Thanksgiving, but that was cancelled this year b/c she went into the hospital yesterday. She is having to have her medicines regulated....she has been having problems with them all "working against each other" as her dr. put it. Supposedly it will only be for a couple of days....lets hope so! EVERYONE loves to go to her house for Thanksgiving....Zachary has been talking about it for weeks! He handled it okay....we will get together in a few weeks for Christmas, so it's all good!

I hope you all have a blessed holiday...and remember all you have to be thankful for - because you DO have LOTS to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


yeah....I am......and I hate it. I want a change and it is not happening. I don't know...I guess maybe I am restless? Aaaagh! I need more time and it just is not there. This time of year is pure insanity in our house what with crazy schedules and all. I guess it is my schedule that I get so frustrated with. I do love my job - and I especially love the people - but I am getting burned out on the hours. I work three 12-hour days a week. We close at 8, but it is usually closer to 9 when I leave, which means the kids are in bed when I get home. That is 3 days a week I am not there for dinner or bedtime and I really don't like that. That means when I have a night off when I could go to a women's bible study, I don't want to go because I don't want to be away from my family for another night. I hate that anytime something comes up, I can't commit because I need to check my work schedule first. My days change every 2 weeks, so there is no consistency. I can't commit to things on a regular classes at the gym or activities at church because I would be there for 2 weeks and then have to be gone for 2 weeks. Not to mention I work one weekend a month.

There are good things though. I do enjoy being off all day the days I am off. I've been able to spend time with the girls, and during the summer, I can spend days with all of the kids. That part is nice -- I must admit. I can schedule dr. appts. on my days off and not have to take off. So really -- there are perks.

I am just focusing on the things I don't like. That is sooooo easy to do sometimes. I guess my glass is "half empty" right now. That is why I am bummed. I like consistency at home and I want my kids to have that, but they really don't right now. We don't have normal family meal times and at times things are so "helter-skelter" drives me nuts.

There is no solution....this is just how is has to be right now...but that doesn't mean I have to like it! :-( grrrrrrrrr.......

Thanks for "listening" to me vent! It's nice to do that sometimes!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I don't know if any of you read any of the blogs that are on my blog list on the left side of my blog, but I do encourage you to read "My Charming Kids" by "McKmama". I don't know her personally, but I have been following her blog for about 7 months now. She too has 4 kids, and her youngest - Stellan - was born with SVT (rapid heart rate). It's a long story, but the short of it is he has had several bouts that have required several hospital stays....some lengthy. This little guy has lived through more than the average adult will ever see - he truly is a miracle baby!

Anyway - Stellan was rushed to the hospital last Tuesday night with a severe bout of SVT -- in fact, they could have easily lost him had his parents not checked on him. He spent his first birthday fighting for his life in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) where he is currently residing in a hospital in his hometown. McKmama is a Christian, and one of the things I love about her blog is that she is soooo very real. She bares her soul on her blog. She talks about struggles with family, finances, name it! All this to say, a couple of days ago, she wrote a very lengthy blog about the point of praying. I loved it, and I encourage you to click on her link and scroll thru the sweet pics of Stellan and his first birthday "party" he had in the PICU to read it yourself. She brought to life many questions that I - and I am sure many of you - have had about prayer. More specifically...."What is the point?" I feel God knows the outcome anyway, so why bother? I pray because I feel led to, but in the back of my mind sometimes I think, "God isn't going to change his mind, so why do this?" I will take one quote from her..... I think it is very insightful:

"Maybe the point of prayer, if it isn't to get God to do what we want, is instead to bring ourselves into alignment with God so that we can be close enough to Him to be okay with what He decides instead of feeling like we need to try to get our way. "

Anyway....I'd be curious to know your thoughts....ever feel like that too? Ever get frustrated? Silly question...I'm sure you do!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Another Day....

Okay - for my out of town friends, let me just give you a re-cap of what has been going on here in Memphis so you will know why I am rambling on and on. If you want to see the "real deal", log onto one of our news websites (,, or to see some video or keep up with what is going on.

Earlier this week, a 23 year-old mother left 2 of her children (ages 3 and 2) home alone while she and the children's aunt left to supposedly go drop someone off....other reports say they were shopping. It really doesn't matter though - the point is the children were left home alone. Consequently, there was a fire and the 3 year-old died and the 2 year-old is in very critical condition. As of now, no one knows how the fire started. Just another defining moment in Memphis news basically. What made me so mad was actually watching the news reports the next day. The aunt was interviewed and said .... I kid you not......that she really wanted to get into the house and see if her purse burned up because her food stamps card was in there. I was so shocked! She had absolutely no remorse whatsoever. It was scary to see someone so calloused. She HAD to be on something! Then, they show a clip of the mother. She was weeping and wailing and falling out on the ground. Now THAT really ticked me off. It is way too late to play the "concerned mom" card. You lost the right to act like that the moment you left those babies alone. I was livid! And then to find out that the door was locked and windows nailed shut? I just can't imagine. It isn't like we are talking about a young teenage mom...she also has a 5 year old who fortunately was in school at the time. That child is now in state custody. There is no telling how many times the mom left all three alone to go do whatever she wanted. I just can't girls are 3 and 2 and there is no way on earth I would leave them alone in the house for ANYTHING! Geesh...even when I take a shower I lock them in my room so I can hear them at all times. The thought of leaving them alone to fend for themselves....I just can't even go there. My heart aches for the family, but I'm sorry - that was just pure stupidity on the part of both "adults". I guess it is just a sign of how bad things have become in our society. People are so selfish and uneducated. It is so sad to know that someone so young has to pay for the ignorance of the mother.

So a result....I vow to not watch the news again. I always get ticked off at something. A couple of weeks ago I was mad because of the court case in California over the park ranger who was suing because he was forced to look at a cross - which was actually a war memorial - while at work. Oh please! Give me a break! He can't stand to look at a cross, but I'll be willing to bet he has no problem spending the currency in his pocket that has "In God We Trust" emblazened across it. Hypocrit....

Anyway...I'm going to take lots of deep cleansing breaths and focus on my own sweet brood! I sure do love my family! We are going to attempt to have outdoor family pics made tomorrow. I don't see how people who plan an outdoor wedding do it! I am already on the verge of an ulcer! Planning on who wears what...and then I realize "Oh Yeah! What am I going to wear?" Ugh! All I can say is -- thank goodness for Photoshop! :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do-Over Day

I decided yesterday needed to be a "do-over day". At the end of the day, I just wasn't happy with myself - and I am sure the kids (really just the girls) weren't to thrilled either. I was the point I went in and apologized to Sarah after I had put her to bed. Of course she was all-forgiving, and I knew by morning she would have forgotten everything - it was to make me feel better I guess. You know, moms have bad days too -- just like kids do -- but sometimes it is hard to accept that it is okay. You don't want to ensure a spot in therapy for your kids just because you had a bad day. I can't stand the thought of my kids going to sleep feeling like I am the bad guy - especially when it wasn't even their fault. Charles and the boys were gone from 7:15 in the morning until 8:30 at night...probably a good thing! Ava is just all over the place and into everything. If something is put up, she pulls it name it. Yet at the same time, she is stuck to me like velcro! How does that happen??? And if I hear "NO! I DO IT!" one more time???? Ava flat out refuses to let you do ANYTHING for her. She has to know she can't do it herself before she will let you come near her (sigh). Sarah really isn't as busy. Our biggest struggle right now is a potty training issue. She is pretty much potty trained - day and night - she just doesn't want to "poop" in the potty. Give her a diaper and she'll go (again - sigh). I wasn't going to give in to her request for a diaper, but I didn't know if all the crying was from her being afraid or not being able to go. Let's just say she is afraid. I have one more trick up my sleeve....I'll see if it works.

So you see, life is not all butterflies and sunshine at our house. I know that comes as a huge shock - ha! Just remember that it is okay to have a bad day. If you get extreme - just be sure to apologize - even to the little ones. It's all worth it to feel those little arms around your neck! I love my family - and I'm glad they love me - even on my "grouchy" days! :-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Day In The Life Of.....

Charles & I have always kidded that we should have some sort of web cam in our house because the strangest things seem to happen and no one would ever believe us if we told them.  Sometimes I don't even think the writers for "Seinfeld" could come up with this material.  Let me just give you a run-down of all the happenings starting from about 6:30 Monday night til about 6:30 Tuesday night.

If you are not on Facebook, then you didn't see my status Monday night when I posted about Ava eating dark brown sugar straight from the box.  She was covered in it and incredibly sticky.  Probably wouldn't have been so bad if  I weren't at work and Charles needed to leave the house in 10 minutes to take the boys to karate.  To top it off, when he did put her in the tub, she had pooped in her diaper and a "piece" fell between her squished...yeah - I was glad I was at work!

On my way home from work that night, I was pulled over by the ever-so-observant Collierville police because I had a headlight out (Charles' car).  No ticket - just a warning.  I told him a security guard at work had told me about it and I was going to be getting it fixed.  Didn't tell him that the security guard told me that a week ago.....

Next morning -- usual chaos getting the boys up & out the door...then getting the girls and their lunches ready for MDO.  Get there (they go to First Assembly) - and Charles tells me Zachary is in his office -- sick with a fever and headache...nice.  First thought was flu (fever, headache, and sudden onset are symptoms), but I took him to my work and he was negative -- whew!  He's still not feeling well and running a temp - not sure what's going on, but it will have to run its course.

I go to the dentist....the machine they use to polish your teeth went out after the girl had already cleaned my top teeth.  She then proceeded to clean my bottom teeth...with a toothbush.  Now I know how Sarah & Ava feel when we go after them with a toothbrush!  Oh - and on top of that, I had some sort of cavity or something -- I don't even remember what they called it, but it is something that will have to be "filled".  Doesn't hurt....won't have to be drilled...whatever.

Next I go to Wal-Mart....was really pumped because I picked up some fried okra from the deli....then I was bummed when I got home and it tasted like it had been cooked 6 hours prior to my arrival...bleh!

Go to pick up the rest of the kiddos from MDO/school....Sarah & Ava are terrors...they always are after they come home on "school" days.  I'm seriously thinking about taking them out.  It isn't worth my sanity!

Josh talks me into going to Great American Cookie Co. on the way home.  I pick up cookies for everyone and then when I get home I realize my "free" cookie didn't make it into the bag....grrr!

The girls continue on their rampage all afternoon...ready to pull my air out!  Nothing satisfies them!

Charles comes home and then goes back outside to attempt to change the headlight.  You have to understand that in his car, this is no easy feat!  You have to get to it thru the wheel-well...major ordeal.  Anyway - 5 minutes after he goes outside the phone rings.  I was dealing with Ava and knew someone answered it -- cut to the chase -- Charles had busted in the garage and couldn't get up so he used his cell phone to call us to come help him!  Not a good memory -- the last time someone fell like that, 911 was called....I drove up to find an ambulance and fire truck in my driveway....makes me shudder!  He was okay though...very sore, but okay.

We come inside and while trying to pry my daughters out of the refrigerator, I'm pretty sure I broke my pinky toe on said refrigerator.  I'm going to x-ray it when I go to work tomorrow.  It is sporting some beautiful shades of blue and purple...unlike the pretty pink one on the other foot!

Sarah and I start to butt heads over a potty training issue.  She is doing GREAT...but she will NOT poop in the potty.  She knows she gets a huge treat when she does, but something about it scares her...she says her "booty hurts"...yet put a diaper on her and she has no trouble.  Sigh..

At that point, I told everyone to pick their favorite cereal for dinner.  I had no energy to fix the veggies and baked fish I had originally planned.  Afterwards, it was baths/showers/bed for all little people.  I was never so happy to see 9:00 come!

So anyway...see what I mean?  These kinds of things go on all the time!  Now you understand when I can't remember things....lots of things!  My brain never gets a rest!  It's crazy over here!  It's not all bad....when I was giving the girls a bath (separately), Ava is singing "Jesus Loves Me" and Sarah is singing "I'm In The Lord's Army".  Even in all the chaos, I know I am blessed.  I can kiss and hug my family, and they can kiss and hug me back.  We are all safe under one roof.  I am not promised that tomorrow or the next day I can say that, but for tonight I can -- and I plan on making the most of it.  I don't want any regrets because I don't know what tomorrow will bring.  :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy & Tiaras

That's about as clever as I could get with the title....and believe it or not, the two really aren't even related! We've been so started and I have had the hardest time adjusting. I hate getting up early..the boys are getting older and gone are the days of them bouncing out of bed - although out of the two, Josh really is the best about getting up on his own. It used to be the other way around. Zachary now has to practically be blasted out of bed on school mornings! Our lives now feel so rushed all day every day. I hate that. Moving on....

We've been to the dentist, got haircuts, birthday parties, shopping trips to Target....normal stuff. Josh lost a tooth - actually, he had Zachary pull it! I just can't imagine - I would have never let anyone touch my mouth to pull a tooth. I pulled my own teeth thank-you-very-much! Anyway -- he's really cute, he lost one of his top 2 teeth, so he has a touch of a lisp! He got $15 (thx to someone other than mom & dad) for that joker...a far cry from the .50 cents I got when I was a kid! When I took him to the dentist, Dr. Prine told me he would have to (in layman's terms) have part of his gum removed that is between his 2 front teeth. This doesn't have to be done until he loses his other top tooth though. If we don't do it, he will have a gap between his teeth. The verdict is still out on whether or not he will need braces. He hasn't lost enough teeth to be able to tell. Zachary is good though...he has great teeth - whew!

On the other hand, the girls have been playing dress-up in their princess outfits constantly! Sarah is forever asking Zachary to marry cute! Zachary will say, "I now pronounce you brother & sister." They crack me up. Sarah is obsessed with princess things...she is 110% girl! Ava is right behind her - doing whatever "Sissy" does. They went to a "Tea Party" birthday party last weekend for their friend Lily. Those girls had a great time. Ava grazed on cookies and PB&J cut-out sandwiches, Sarah just loved being with her "gal-pals"! I am once again going to to try to potty train next weekend. I'm dreading it...maybe because I'm going to do Sarah & Ava together. Why not? Yeah - my work will be cut out for me, but if I can do will be well worth the loss of my sanity! I found a 3-Day Potty Training booklet on-line. It supposedly works...has great testimonials....and the lady who wrote it gives you e-mail support. The only major problem I see now is that Sarah WILL NOT - I repeat...WILL NOT even attempt to go poo-poo in anything but a diaper. Not quite sure how I'm going to handle that. I need to see if the booklet addresses that. So that - my friends - is how I plan on spending my 4-day weekend! No really - don't be jealous!

So anyway - that is what's happening with us these days. I'm so glad I am off tomorrow. We NEVER have a day that we can all sleep in as a family and just do what we want. Literally- except for a holiday - there is not one day that Charles and I are home on the same day where we can sleep in. He works every Saturday and Sunday we are up & running for church. I had wanted to work in the yard, but a small part of me hopes it rains! I don't want it to rain on my birthday, but nothing beats sleeping in on a rainy day. You know I am right!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Do You Have Any Cheetos?

Okay - so originally, I was going to write a true story about a little girl and her Cheetos. Then, time got away from me and the next thing I new, I realized it was Josh's birthday...and my kids surprised me once again with their kindess towards each other. So I am still going with the original title, but like all good teasers, you will have to wait until the end of the blog to hear the story! Yeah, I know - I hate it when TV does that to me too, but I have to admit - it is kind of nice to be on the other side - what power...ha!

I know the blog date shows I posted this on the 14th, when actually it is the 17th. I started it on the 14th....just never finished. Anyway, today is the 17...Josh's 8th birthday (it also would have been my grandmother's 80th brthday...happy birthday Nanny!) I can't believe my guy is 8! Like every parent, I ask "where does the time go??" He is such a sweetheart...maybe a tad ADD, but still so sweet. He feels deeply and reacts very strongly - that is a two-edged sword! Zachary was being so nice to him today. He not only bought him a digital camera for his birthday, but put $20 in his birthday card! Hmmmm - my birthday is next - let's see if I get $20 (just kidding!)

So anyway...our quick trip to Orange Beach was fun - way too short, but still fun. It was neat to see the girls play on the beach for the first time. They loved it! It still amazes me how much sand can fit into such a tiny bathing suit! Lots of swimming, lots of food (LAMBERT'S!!!), lots of memories. The girls had their share of melt-downs, but that wasdue to being tired (I told Charles I never saw Ava's head turn 360's, but I'm pretty it did a few times) . Sarah tried to pick up a jellyfish, Josh had Zachary bury him in the sand, both boys collected seashells, and little Ava just dug and dug in the sand. Good times...good times....

Okay - so here is the anticipated story about a little girl and her Cheetos. Little Ava wanted a snack on the bach, and I (being the great, "fun" mom I am) gave her a whole cannister of Cheetos. She proceeded to plop down really close to the water and start munching away. Well, I (being the "cautious" mom that I am) thought she was a bit too close and pulled her back a little. In the process, some Cheetos spilled on the sand. Hence photo #1.

Well, it wasn't to long before Mr. Seagull caught a whiff of these munchies and decided (along with a buddy) to check Ava and her snack out.

Ava wasn't to thrilled with the prospect of company...especially when more and more "friends" started to appear...

After a few "Mommy, Daddy, help me!" cries, we rescued her, and once she was out of the picture, the rest of the flock came to see what scraps they could get! Bear in mind that all this happened in a matter of a couple of minutes or less. Amazing...and soooo funny!

So after some thought, I realized that there is a moral to this story here....Ava had something that others (even if they were birds!)) wanted - really bad. Once the news got out that there was something good to be had there, others wanted to have a taste too. See where I am going with this? Do you have something special that others want a part of? If you do, others will be drawn to you. Once they have a taste, they will tell others and want even more. Just a you have any Cheetos? :-)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life Goes On.....Really It Does

Amazing how one phone call or one event can bring yhour life to a screeching halt - yet life goes on. My grandmother passed away almost 2 weeks ago and while her passing was very much anticipated (she had pancreatic cancer), actually hearing that she was finally gone still brought life to a standstill. I remember watching the van from the funeral home taking her body away from Memphis Jewish Home and I was still in disbelief. Pulling out of the parking lot one last time was so surreal - I felt like a tornado was swirling all around me and I was oblivious to everything else. (Ironically, the tornadoes hit Memphis the night of her viewing!) Those first few days afterwards were almost like an out-of-body experience. Emotions were all over the place like a pinball machine -- joy, sorrow (lots of that!), anxiety, love, patience, you name it. I thought I would be so relieved when she finally passed away because I was ready for her to go on home to heaven - to be pain-free, to see Papaw again, to see other brothers & sisters who went before her, and to see the multitude of friends waiting for her as well. I guess I didn't think about how I would really feel when all this would really come to pass. Yes - I am soooo happy for her, but I am even more sad for my own loss as well. She was basically my only grandmother - and I loved her dearly. She spoiled me rotten (as every grandparent should do!), made me insanely jealous of her cooking (never used a recipe!), and loved my kids more than anyone would have thought possible. I still tear up when Ava asks where "Gweat-Gweat" (Great-Great) is. I drive by the entrance to the Jewish home many times during the week, which serves as a constant reminder. I liked going to see her at night - when the day had calmed down. The last time I sat with her I just held her hand and "scratched" her arm - as she did to me and all the grandkids and great-grandkids countless times. She could wake up enough to say hi/bye and that she loved me, and to answer"no" when I asked her if she was in any pain.

My kids really miss her - especially Zachary and Josh. They were very close to her. I'm glad that they have special memories of her to hold on to. That was a hard week for them - for all of us - but we learned that life goes on.

The following Sunday, Josh was baptized. Yea Josh! He's asked Jesus into his heart oh, I don't know, 6 or 7 times by now? The kid is definately going to heaven!

I came back to work Tuesday....we leave for Orange Beach late starts next Friday.

Life goes on...really it does...

In the midst of the "tornado", God is still good. There is a great peace. This peace assures me that I will see her again one day...that she is finally whole again and is no longer suffering. I can't help but wonder how people who have no hope handle situations like this. There must be such an overwhelming sense of loss and hopelessness. I'm glad that doesn't apply to me. I can't explain why God does what He does sometimes. It makes me question, but it doesn't make me love Him any less.

The storm has passed and we are putting our lives back together.

Because life goes on...really it does.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


You would think with all that has been going on in my life I should be blogging everyday, but alas - that is not the case! My computer access has been limited, as our computer is currently on the dining room table waiting to be set back up, so I have not been able to ramble aimlessly as I have in the past. Maybe that is a good thing, but has wreaked havoc on my sanity! :-) So, I am going to catch everyone up to speed on the past few weeks....

- Charles was in England 6/30-7/11
- Zachary was at camp 7/6-7/10
- Well visits to the dr. for the girls (both doing great - Sarah is 40lbs and 40 inches tall. Ava is a whopping 25 lbs. and 30.5 inches tall. Poor thing is barely on the chart! She's okay tho - just small in stature.)
- Lots of daytime outings with friends and swimming - trying to stay busy while the hubby was gone. The weather needs to warm back up so we can get back to the pool!
- Lots of trips to see my grandmother. She has pancreatic cancer and is receiving hospice care at the Memphis Jewish Home. Praying for a quick ending to a very painful process - both for her and the family.
- Lots of laundry. Okay - so that is actually a normal thing at my house.
- Zachary came home from camp and had a bad ear infection with a blister on his eardrum. A couple of days later, the blister was gone, but he had middle ear infections in both ears. Poor guys was in lots of pain for a couple of days, but thankfully, is doing much better. Still doesn't have all his hearing back yet.
- New carpet and kitchen tile installed. Looks FABULOUS, but I think it would have been easier to move. We still don't have the house put back together yet (aka - why the computer is still in the dining room!) This whole process really called for a blog by itself - but that is all behind me now...good times (ha - NOT!)
- Scratched my car thanks to the evil set-up of the car wash at the BP gas station at Houston Levee and Walnut Grove. Looks like Edward Scissorhands got ahold of it!
- Emptied the freezer in my garage after the door to it mysteriously popped open a fraction of an inch. Hideous odor - thx to all the "mystery meat" that was in there.

(Let me interject here that the last two items happened the same night - within an hour of each other -- and Charles was still out of town. I was ready to scream...among other things!)

Okay - I guess that is all. If I think of anything else, I will update! :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Okay - so my friend Jennifer is probably going to think I stole her blog title!   ;-)  No really - I have been thinking about this all day and that is exactly how I feel right now - that my life has been blessed by so many people.

I have a great family.  My kids amaze me more and more every day!  Charles is in York England for 12 days, and the kids have been so good and so helpful.  Zachary is blowing me away!  He is always asking if there is anything he can do to help me.  He offers to help (even MAKE!) dinner, he has given Sarah her bath (washing hair included) the last 2 nights and gotten her ready for bed - the child has been the other half of my brain!  When he goes to camp next week, I will be up a creek!  (I would say Charles is paying him big bucks, but he has been doing this for several weeks now!)  Josh is a sweetheart, but he doesn't take initiative to just "do" things like Zachary does.  If I asked him to paint a room with his toes he would jump right up and say, "Yes ma'am", but he won't ask if he can do anything.  I'm learning that that is a major difference in his and Zachary's personalities.  Zachary is all over things like white on rice, but Josh lingers in the background and wants to be asked - or invited - to be a part.  You think he isn't paying attention, but oh no - he is - and gets his feelings hurt very easily if not  asked to be a part.  (Jen - I read your blog and had to laugh when you mentioned the boys losing a wallet with $45....Josh lost $20 just a couple of weeks ago.  It's here somewhere!)  Sarah has even been helpful - she has worn her "big girl" underwear all day with only one tiny mishap this morning.  She even stayed dry thru her nap!  My only obstacle is that she REFUSES to poop in the potty.  I'm not sure how to handle that -- any suggestions?  I can't leave out little Ava either....she's been very good too!

I'm blessed with an incredible husband I do NOT deserve.  He left early yesterday morning to go on his mission trip.  I hate it when he is gone so long - not like he does this often!  I can handle the daytime stuff...I just hate going to bed when he isn't here!  Time will pass quickly though, and I can't wait to see his pictures.  York is a beautiful place!

I have been blessed with amazing friends - of all ages!  These friends love me and my quirks and totally understand that when I go months without talking to them, it isn't because I am mad or don't care - they know I have a CRAZY life and don't get to connect as often as I can or should.  We just pick up right where we left off and keep on goin'!  I have older - wiser friends who I know I can call 24/7 if I need them, and that is such a good feeling!  I have younger friends who take great pride in reminding me that I am OLDER they they are (ahem - initials are TB!)  I just love my friends - all of you!  You are a constant source of strength, laughter and love for me - you are a HUGE blessing in my life!  Thank you for being you!!

Well - I am again so very tired, so I am going to finish my laundry and try to get some sleep.  I started a journal for Charles to read when he gets back, so I need to write in it as well.  Two weeks is a long time to be away from kids & family, and goodness knows my 2 remaining brain cells cannot remember all the funny and crazy stuff that goes on around here for that long!  Much love and blessings to all of you!!!   

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Happy Birthday!

Sorry - this birthday blog is a day late!  Little Ava turned 2 yesterday and she never gave me a moments peace to write her birthday blog!  Hard to believe my little "Itsy Bitsy" is now 2 -- going on 12!  Boy does she keep me busy!  She is NEVER still - ALWAYS climbing into or onto something.  Right now she is "practicing" going potty - whereby she pulls off her diaper and goes to the bathroom only to play with the toilet paper.  She has yet to actually deposit anything in the potty...but that day will come - and I CANNOT wait!

Ava was my littlest baby (barely 6 lbs!), but she has more than made up for her size.  She is in constant motion and gives her siblings a run for their money.  It's a good thing we don't have a pet, or the poor thing would probably be tortured!  She is still a little thing, but she is gaining weight (now up to 25 lbs!), so I guess she will be caught up with her sis before long.  She & Sarah love each other, but at times they don't like each other either (big surprise).  Ava is always pulling Sarah's hair and knows just how to push her buttons.  They both share a big girl bed now, and I love to watch them sleep.  One night I walked in and (remember they are both asleep) Sarah had Ava in a headlock...Ava's head was between Sarah's knees!  I ran & got my camera, but they had already changed positions by the time I got back.  I am so glad they have each other!  I looooove my "Bitsy"!!!!

Day after she was born!

1st Birthday!
2 Years Old!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So How Did YOU Weather Out The Storm??

So here I go - thinking we were just going to make a quick trip to Target, when we ended up having to hide out in the women's dressing room! I learned last time that if I get the girl's 2 small ICEE's, that will keep them occupied long enough for me to shop. My girl's are NOT basket babies...they don't care to be confined! Shopping? - oh yes! Just don't confine them! They prefer to be free spirits who roam aimlessly around the store without adult supervision. That is of course - unless their mother fills them up with empty sugar calories! Ava is hilarious -- she sits in the basket - straw in mouth - inhaling that ICEE until she reaches the bottom. I don't know how she doesn't get a brain freeze!

I digress....back to the storm. I was almost ready to go when I heard the rain start. You know if you hear it raining from inside the store, it is REALLY raining! Then, I hear the tornado sirens....uh oh..... Josh comes around the corner right in front of me - eyes big as saucers. He's borderline freaking out. Zachary quickly picks up on this and starts downplaying the situation (as do I - he would have started bawling at the drop of a hat!) The girls? They are perfectly content with their ICEE's. Next, the Target personnel starts making a sweep of the store and asks everyone to move to the back of the store. I'm trying to stay away from everyone else b/c they are all talking about the "tornado" - one word Josh did NOT need to hear. At this point, the ICEE's are gone and the girls are ready to roam....what timing! I put Zachary in charge of Ava and let her & Sarah burn some energy. In a few minutes, all "women & children" started moving into the dressing room. Needless to say, my clan took up one whole dressing room. Zachary's job was to block the door so the girl's wouldn't escape. Not a problem though - they were fascinated with the little stool in the room, so they were perfectly happy climbing on that - for about 2 minutes, then I had to pull out various objects from my purse to entertain them....such as lipgloss, cell phone, pen & paper....WHATEVER! All the while - I had to keep reassuring Josh that all was well. I later started thinking, what would it take to actually freak ME out? Does the ceiling have to be ripped off for me to start to be concerned? I wasn't scared at all......hmmm....

So - after about 15 minutes (seemed like 5 hours) in the dressing room, we were given the "all clear" to check out and leave the store. By then the rain had stopped, but the drive home was very different from the drive going to Target! Sarah kept saying,"Mommy, we are safe in your car!" I don't know where that came from.....amazing what they pick up on. On the way home from karate (yes - they still had it!) we saw an awesome rainbow....a complete one at! I wish I had had my camera...I guess I am going to have to carry it in my purse - you never know when the perfect picture-taking opportunity will pop up!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So - today Sarah turned the big "3"!  I still cannot believe it!  All day today I kept thinking, "Three years ago today I was......"  I STILL cannot believe we have not one, but two girls!  Guess out of all my kids, Sarah was the biggest surprise.  I was in radiology school - last year nonetheless - so having another baby was FAR from our minds, but yet God proved otherwise.  She was so meant to be here and be a part of or lives (as was Ava - but her birthday is next week!)  When I was about 15 weeks pregnant with her, I talked to one of the radiologists and asked him to scan me (do an ultrasound) to see if he could tell the sex of the baby - that we wanted to be able to tell our family on Christmas.  He was nice enough to scan me, then write the results on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.  I brought it home and showed it to Charles and told him that the sex of the baby was written down inside.  Well - so much for waiting until Christmas!  He tore right into it!  I was like, "What are you doing?  We were going to wait!"  He said he would look and wouldn't tell me - yeah right!  Like I could live with that!  So I opened the piece of paper (all the while KNOWING that this baby would also be a boy) and Dr. Emerson had so sweetly drawn a little girl stick figure and in a little bubble over her head wrote, "Dress me in pink!"  At some point I obviously remembered to breathe again!  A girl?  REALLY?????  It was so fun telling the family.  We bought a bib that said "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" and had our moms open it at Christmas.  I'm sure my mom's yell could have been heard all over the city!  Everyone was so excited, and it was so fun to get to play with little girl baby stuff!

So - fast forward to today - my "oldest" little princess is quickly becoming a big girl.  Potty training is in sight (working on that next week, but should be easy - she already goes most of the time anyway), she got a big girl bike for her birthday - I guess next she will get her driver's license!  :-)  No really - I so love her.  She is an incredibly strong personality, but is so full of love she could just burst!  She is very much like Josh - she has such a happy heart.  Every night she reminds me that I am her "best friend" and insists on lots of hugs and kisses before bed.  Not sure how she will feel about me 10 years from now, but for today I love every minute!  Happy Birthday 'Sissy"!

                           Day after she was born - still in the hospital!

First Birthday!

Second Birthday!

Three Years Old!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another "First"....

So - today was another "first" in our household - Ava had her first day at MDO (Mother's Day Out).  Boy has time gone by fast!  It is so hard to believe she is almost "2"!  She had a great day - although I have no idea if she took a nap or not - I didn't get info in her bag about her day, but since I know her teachers, I guess they would have told me if she acted crazy.  Sarah moved up the big "3" room - she will turn 3 next Tuesday.  She was sooo excited about her new class and her new toys! I snapped this picture before we left this morning.  I was going to have them hold their bags, but all Ava wanted to do was try to get into her Tinkerbell lunchbox!  I'm so glad they had a good day.  They fell asleep in about 15 seconds (literally), so I guess it was a very full day for both of them.

So where are the boys?  They are at the coast with Nana visiting friends of hers.  She finished school last week and they hit the road the next day.  It sounds like they are having a blast.  They've seen all kinds of fish - even alligators!  They fish every day - Zachary even caught a stingray!  I can't wait to see those pics!  Today, he said he caught 3 crab and ate his first crab legs.  He "kind of liked them"...Ms. Paul's fishsticks they ain't!  I can't wait to hear all about what they did.  Zachary is the designated caller - I haven't even talked to Josh since he left.  They will be back Thursday or Friday, and I can't wait to squeeze them!  I miss my boys!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is It Over?

SERIOUSLY!  It HAS to be over at this point!  I think everyone is on the mend and I am really hoping that light at the end of the tunnel is really sunlight - not another train about to hit me head on!   For those of you who missed last week's edition of "Robertson Hospital", let me give you a quick re-cap:  Both boys had the flu (no - not swine)...Zachary got better but Josh wasn't....took Josh and Ava (who had some sot of "funk" growing under her nose) to the dr. on Thursday....Josh had strep and I learned today that Ava had strep under her nose as well - not staph - so that was actually a good thing!  Ava woke up Sat. morning (that would be 4:30 a.m.!)  thoring up & blazing with a fever.  She was a mess all weekend, but I think she too is starting to show signs of improvement.  I am HOPING that tonight I can sleep all night - not just a couple of hours at a time.  After 10 days of this, I am about to start unravelling!  I had some major germs running amuck in my house, but I think all has been taken care of.  Sheets & linens have been washed several times, all toothbrushes and water bottles have been replaced, toys disinfected....I told someone last week that my house smelled like a kindergarden classroom!  (On a side note - Lysol "Fresh Linen" is very kills more germs than any of those other sprays....gotta read your labels people!)  It appears Sarah is the only one who has managed to escape any illness, and I am finally able to start breathing a little easier that she isn't going to catch anything.   

While everyone has been fighting off their own illnesses, Sarah has started to break out her imagination play times.  She re-enacts Dora, Blue's Clue's, she LOVES to be a fireman, she get her big Magna-Doodle and puts it on top of 2 pillows and that is her "snowboard", she is a pirate, a mommy, a rock star, a nurse/doctor......she is so fun to watch!  She loves to be creative and does not care who is around.  Love my little girl!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon..

I knew I should have never said that there wasn't much going on around here.  As of yesterday, both boys have the flu and there is a probability that the girls could get it too....nice.....(SARCASM!)  It really hasn't been bad, I just hate to see my guys sick.  They just lounge around the house fighting off a fever all day, so it could be worse.  Josh's is HOPEFULLY on the downhill side of it.  His started Friday night and it hit him hard yesterday.  His fever went up to 104.5 and never went below 102....he was soooooo sick.  Zachary started with the fever & headache yesterday, so his is just starting.  He hates feeling bad!  On the plus side, they have been very nice to each other - maybe it's sympathy kindness!  Saturday morning, Josh was up about 5:30 a.m. feeling like he was going to be sick and before I could even get to him (I can hear when they turn on the light in the bathroom -- "Mommy Ears"!) Zachary was in the doorway asking him if he was okay.  How sweet is that?  Zachary usually doesn't hear anything when he is asleep so I was very stunned.  This is going to be a long week - and even longer if the girls get it.  I guess I will know in a few days!

Speaking of the girls...they are such little balls of fire and Ava's secretly implanted "seek & destroy" chip is acting in full force.  She has the arms of an octopus and the speed of "Dash" from "The Incredibles"... SERIOUSLY!  I don't know if any of you know that you can click on the box to the left that says, "Praying For Stellan", and it will take you to a blog about Stellan's recent 5 week stay in the PICU and his airflight to Boston to see a cardiologist, etc.  His mom is amazing and has an incredibly strong faith...please read her blog and read all that has been going on these past 5 weeks and you will be blessed.  Stellan was released from the hospital and as of today is back in the "Now Thawing" Tundra with both parents and 3 siblings sleeping in his own bed!  Anyway - all this to say that Stellan's mom has nicknamed all her kids names like "Big Mac", "Small Fry", "McNugget", and "McMuffin".  I thought that was funny and wondered what I would name my kids if I had to pick.  The only one I could think of was one for Ava -- "McFlurry".  How appropriate!  She is one big whirlwind.  If I had a dollar for the number of times I have to say "No Ava...", or save her from tumbling off the top of something...I wouldn't have to work for a very long time!  I do love her though....she can be so sweet and smother you with lots & lots of kisses, and has the cutest little voice for singing the sweetest songs....and then turn right around and grab a handful of Sarah's hair and not let go!  And to think - she isn't even 2 yet!  Oh - and that is another thing -- she is soo tiny for her age.  I'm going to have to see what her pediatrician thinks when we go for a check-up in June.  She is able to wear all her clothes from last year, and that just should not be happening at this young of an age (at least I don't think so!)  At first I thought I was just comparing her to Sarah, but the fact is that she is tiny and I have never had a child be able to wear the same things 2 years in a row -- that just is not right to me.  Sarah looks like she is 2 years older - not just one.

Oh well - enough rambling.  I have sick boys who need their nightly Motrin to go to sleep.  We went thru 1 bottle in 24 hours.  They both take 3 tsp. at a time and that makes it go quickly!  I so appreciate Kristina for offering to help with the girls - you are so sweet and so brave!  :-)  Today wasn't bad b/c Sarah was at MDO.  Hopefully tomorrow won't be bad.  We do want to come out & see all the baby chicks!  Maybe next week?  Love ya much...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Of This...A Little Of That...

Hmmm....not much to write about - or maybe it's more like not enough TIME to write!  The only computer time I get at home is after the girls are asleep, and I rarely get time to update my blog at work.   Obviously not much is going on or you would have heard from me sooner!

So, the girls are doing fairly well in their "big-girl" bed.  It takes them a while to get to sleep - they do like to play!  Tonight, Sarah stuck her head out the door and yelled, "Mommy!  Ava pooted!"  Talk about stall tactics!  I said, "Ava, what do you say?"  "'Cuse me..."  she said.  Then the door shut and Sarah went back to bed.  They are quite funny...

Easter came & went in a blur and I have NO pics to show for it.  We will just have to re-enact another day.  Charles was helping with breakfast at church so my one & only goal was to have all 4 kids dressed and at church on time.  I reached my goal and with a few minutes to spare - which for me is huge!

The boys have been playing "dentist" this weekend - well - Zachary has.  He pulled one of his own teeth Friday night, and then Saturday, Josh let him pull one of his!  Josh is either very brave or was delirious from fever!  (He's been running 102 fever all weekend.  Motrin brings it down, but I've been having to supplement with Tylenol.  Not sure what's up with that.....)  My kids never cease to amaze me!

Gotta run - I will try to better with the updates!  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Eating My Words....And They Don't Taste Too Bad!

Okay...I know it wasn't even a good 2 weeks ago I said there was NO WAY I was ready to put Sarah in a big girl bed.  She is up at the crack of dawn and I know poor Ava is up early because of her!  Then - out of the blue - a co-worker offered me her daughter's bedroom suit.....for FREE!  Seriously - I just can't turn down an offer like that!  I really hadn't thought about Ava moving out of her crib too, but when I found out this was a double bed, Charles & I figured we might as well bite the bullet!  We were really anxious to see how they would adapt, and with the exception of nap-time, they really have done well.  We put them down at night (around 8) and usually don't hear a peep out of them until they come wobbling out of the room around 7 the next morning.  Naps are a different story.  It just doesn't happen!  Now on Tuesday, Sarah was at Mother's Day Out so I left Ava in the room to see what she would do.  She never cried to come out, but I did hear her on the slide several times.  I finally went in to get her up because we had to get to school and she was curled up on the floor asleep with her blanket.  I guess if she is tired enough, she will crash!  Anyway - here are some pics of their first before they got in bed - one playing before bed - and one after they finally gave it up!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Firehouses & Field Trips!

I know - I have been neglectful of my blog! Time really gets away from me...not to mention there hasn't been anything exciting to write about!

That being said, I finally got to go on a field trip with Josh & his Enrichment class. We went first to Firehouse Subs and then to the Fire Museum. See the theme here? (ha!) It was a great time! All those kids are so well behaved (well - except for the ride home - but I'll get to that in a minute!) I had never been to Firehouse Subs, so that was good too! Someone came around & gave all the kids a fire chief! The Fire Museum was awesome! If you have never been, I highly recommend it. Josh came home asking about our smoke detectors, so I know he at least learned something! We got to see Zachary's poster framed & hanging up too. Josh was so proud of that! He was telling everyone to go look at it. The whole tour was amazing, and the kids especially liked the end when they could run & play on all the equipment (imagine that!) We got in free, but the brochure I picked up said there was an admission fee of like $4 or $ I really don't know how much it is, but either way it is reasonable. Now - parking stinks if you are going there during the week, but otherwise it is great! Something that was kind of interesting....right next door (and I do mean literally!) is Memphis' first police station. It is totally in shambles. Wouldn't it be cool if they could restore it like they did the Fire Museum?

So - let's fast forward to our ride home. Now the kiddos are all hyped up from all the running around, so it starts out kind of loud. I have 3 boys (one being Josh) and they are all 3 sitting in the 3rd row seat. The middle kid (not Josh) starts egging on the other 2 to "tickle" him...which causes him to squeal - therefore driving me nuts really fast. I let them have their fun...asked them to stop...they continued to keep doing before it was over, I had 3 little boys sitting on their hands for about 1/2 the way back! Okay - so then I am coming dowin Union and cross over Cleveland. The light was yellow and I was panicking b/c I realized I passed a police officer on my right (who was turning right) as I went thru the intersection. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw his lights come on. I felt the blood drain from my face and my hands got cold & clammy - until I realized he was getting the car who turned left after me. WHEW! I just knew he was coming after me! How on earth would I have lived that down with my field trip refugees? I was soooo grateful for that little pass!

So - that is my fun! I am so grateful for good weather and warm temperatures. More time to spend outside with the kids and my camera! Yea spring!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

And Another Week Begins....

I am SO ready for summer!  I can't wait for the boys to be out of school!  I hate packing lunches...I hate having to get everyone up & out of the house before the crack of dawn...I hate being tied down to a schedule....I HATE COLD WEATHER!  If I thought I could organize my life, I would homeschool in a minute (and if Charles is reading this, he is falling out of his chair laughing at this idea~we both know it will NEVER happen!)  Besides, my kids actually like school - they just don't like all the "prep" work that goes with it.  Even Sarah is all psyched on her MDO days.  She only goes one day a week, but she would go every day if she could.  She feels like such a big kid....and she loves getting to visit "Miss Cindy" for her snack (which she gets before & after "school" - nope - not spoiled at all!)  I love that Cindy "takes care" of her - they have a neat bond - always have!  Anyway - Spring break is coming...Easter break is coming...then it will be the end of the year before we know it...YEA!

The boys spent the night with Charles' aunt last night, then we met up with them and traded out the girls for the boys.  I am so glad she enjoys being with them!  They LOVE going to her house!  We took the boys to Incredible Pizza with a group from church.  It was my first time there and I was impressed.  I was glad we went early though - it was getting crazy by the afternoon.  I can 't tell you how many people I saw there who were always wanting "something for nothing".  I can't stand that - the whole "cater-to-me-so-I-don't-have-to-pay-a-dime-but-get-everything-I-want" attitude.  I see that at work too and it drives me crazy.  There is a reason I am not a manager because I would not have the philosophy of "the customer is always right"!

So anyway, we visited with friends, came home...then karate, dinner, showers, bed, and the weekend is over before you can blink.  I think the boys might have a dentist appointment this week, the girls need their hair trimmed, and there are other tasks too numerous to mention here! I'm just hoping to get thru the week without a child getting sick.  Sarah and Ava both had a 12 hour thing...but 5 days apart, so I'm not convinced they got it from each other.  Last Sunday, Sarah was still getting over her bug so I kept her home from church.  We made a quick trip to the store to grab a few things - one thing being her favorite breakfast pancakes.  Every morning she asks for pancakes, syrup and chocolate "mook" {that's how she says "milk}.  I put the pancakes in the basket and you would have thought I had just handed her the keys to a brand new car..."Oh mommy THANK YOU!  Thank you so much for my pancakes mommy!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!'  As she is saying all this she is hugging my leg!  It really was quite funny - and the dozens of people around me thought so too!  She is so easy to please......SOMETIMES!  We'll save that for another blog....I've already thought of the title:   "Drama Queen,  Hormonal, or Bipolar?"  This actually applies to both Sarah & Ava, but let's not give it all away!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yeah - I guess you probably gathered if I hadn't written anything in a week about my potty-training adventure - then there must not be anything to report. How right you are! Yeah - that was a bust. Sarah was all pumped about her Dora underwear and being a "big girl", but when it came down to it, she really wasn't as ready as I thought. Maybe I wasn't consistent enough...maybe I should have made her sit on the potty forever until she went....maybe if you know our household you would know that ISN'T going to happen! I can promise you that Sarah isn't going to sit still on a potty for that long of a time and I can also promise you Ava won't allow me to be tied up with Sarah for that long! I'm going to give it a couple of months & try again. It will be nice to get one out of diapers!

We spent Superbowl Sunday at home...eating pizza, Charles' FAMOUS oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies and I frosted all the boys hair. We know how to party don't we? I think Josh looks the best out of all of them! I've been doing Charles & Zachary's hair for years but Josh finally succombed this time! I think he liked all the attention Zachary got last summer when I pretty much made him look like a skunk, so he wanted some of that. He flinched the whole time, but was kind of proud of himself when he saw the results.

There really isn't much going on around our house - chaos as usual! I'm discovering that Sarah is becoming much more mellow, while little Ava is now the uncontrollable chihuahua. She CANNOT be trusted alone! She gets in the kitchen and gets the forks out of the silverware drawer (only because she reaches in blind and grabs whatever she can reach). If you don't hear her pushing the chair back from the table, you will walk in and find her perched on the kitchen table -- sometimes sitting, sometimes standing! It is never-ending with her! I had a friend of mine comment to me the other day that - even though I might not see it - she is JUST like Sarah and is in the same place she was a year ago. That is true..Sarah really was "hell on wheels" so to speak! Ava might be much smaller, but she is just like her! Heaven help us! At least I know there is hope a year from now, but gosh - what a year I have ahead of me! I LOVE my kiddos!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here We Go....

Okay, the signs are starting to appear, so I guess it is time for "Potty Training 2009"! Sarah is quite interested in doing all the things Mommy does, so I'm using that as leverage. We have a nice supply of Dora panties, so starting Thursday, we will give it a try. I must say, she is quite excited about it...saying she is going to be "a big girl"! Since we still have at least another year of diapers with Ava, it would be FABULOUS if this works! I talked to a pt.'s mom here last week, and I noticed she had a little one (barely 2) out of diapers and asked her how she did it. She said she has lost her job and could not afford diapers, so they had no choice but to go straight to potty training! Wow!

I feel like if I can just stick with it, I feel Sarah can do it.....I just hope I have the patience! I'll start a daily blog on Thursday to track our progress....wish us luck!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm????

This past week, I have stumbled upon 2 great mysteries that I am sure have occurred in numerous households over the years.  They involve little ones...see if any of you moms can relate....
#1 - Why is it that at least 30% of what is supposed to go into Ava's mouth at mealtime ends up in her seat?  I'm trying to be tactful, but what I really mean is her butt!  I have the tray pushed up as close to her as possible - I'm surprised she can even breathe!  It is a tight fit - it's not like she is in a recliner!  Yet - whenever I take her out, I find lots of food right under her tiny behind.  She doesn't put it there - I have the tray so close I don't think she can get her arms under it!

#2 - Charles discovered this one Sunday morning.  Ava is fully clothed (in pj's)...after breakfast he goes to get her dressed and finds a Cheerio IN her diaper.... like IN her know?  Okay - so not only would she have to get her hands under the tray, but into her diaper?  How the heck??  I think I need to just videotape her at mealtime and go back & watch it in slow-motion.  It just boggles the mind!

Okay - so we have had a crazy week....Zachary & Josh were both sick.  Zachary missed 3 days of school with fever & a massive double ear infection, and Josh missed 2 days due to puking and high fever (103!)  Surprisingly, the girls stayed clean...I still don't know how that happened seeing that we ALL 6 shared a cup of Costco yogurt the night before Josh got sick (thank you Jesus!)  Then - later that night after I had dropped off the girls at church, I was in Kroger in Collierville when Charles called me and I had to go all the way back to First Assembly b/c I had taken Charles' car home and he was left at church with no key to my car and 2 very hyper little girls! (The boys had come home with me.)  It was insane...and freakin' cold that night!

The highlight of my week was my "girl's night out" at Panera on Monday.  Tammy, Jennifer, Lisa & I had soo much fun!  Good food and great gab!  We are doing a Bible study...The "One Year Women's Friendship Devotional".  It is wonderful!  Did we really talk about it...well no...we really weren't prepared, but we are emailing each other and "talking" about it.  Hey - we are all busy mom' do what you have to do!

So - today was the holiday so I guess our week starts tomorrow (sigh). Good for the boys!  I work Tues & Wed, and then this weekend...yuck!  I hate this part of my job...I'm praying for a change, so I'd love some other "prayer partners" out there!  I don't necessarily want to change the location...just the whole "late nights" and "one-weekend-a-month" thing!  Thanks so much!  Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What To Talk About?

Seriously...that is why I haven't blogged in a while.  We've just been plugging along - getting back into a routine after the incredibly busy holiday.  It's kind of bittersweet actually.  I mean, we spend 3 months looking at Christmas stuff in stores, watching Christmas commercials, Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, going to Christmas parties and then....POOF!  As of December 26th it is OVER - not to be talked about again until next year.  I think we need at least 2 weeks to "detox" our minds instead of cutting it out cold turkey!

We had a great Christmas - Sarah LOVED her Dora backpack!  It didn't leave her body for 2 days except to change clothes!  She was sooooo into the presents!  Ava kind of caught on too.  She really didn't care about the gift itself - just getting to play with the paper!  The boys were thrilled too.  Their piles looked so small, but they really did get most of what they asked for (with the exception of  something alive & furry - we are NOT ready for that yet!)  "Santa" happened to leave a poem for them on the computer - which Josh found when he got up,  What a clever Santa!  Charles surprised me with a digital camera - which he bought the day after Christmas on-line & I got it New Year's Day.  YEA!  finally a "point & shoot" I can stick in my purse.  We have a great digital camera but it isn't handy for catching those moments around the house.  My new one has tons of bells & whistles too, but it is more - shall we say - "user friendly" for me!  Anyway - when Sarah saw mine, she wanted a camera too, so I found one at Target.  Here she is:
She's been taking pictures of EVERYTHING!  She is sooooo a mommy's girl these days.  She does everything I do (or at least tries to!)  I had a salad tonight and she ate most of it -- not to mention RAW BROCCOLI!!!!  Oh yeah!  Finally!  One of my kids will eat raw veggies!  I craved vegetables like crazy when I was pregnant with her - maybe that is why.  Since she wants to do EVERYTHING like mommy,  I'm going to use that as leverage to start potty training in a couple of weeks.  I bought her some Dora panties and she is really excited about them!  I'm not sure how successful it will be, but it is worth a shot!

Well - the boys will be home soon, so I need to finish laundry so I can head to bed when they get home.  They passed their belt test tonight, so they are now "orange belt - black stripe".  Their next test will be for green belt.  I'm so proud of them - they have come so far!  Tomorrow is going to be a LOOOOONG day for all of us.  These weekends go by way too fast!