Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here We Go....

Okay, the signs are starting to appear, so I guess it is time for "Potty Training 2009"! Sarah is quite interested in doing all the things Mommy does, so I'm using that as leverage. We have a nice supply of Dora panties, so starting Thursday, we will give it a try. I must say, she is quite excited about it...saying she is going to be "a big girl"! Since we still have at least another year of diapers with Ava, it would be FABULOUS if this works! I talked to a pt.'s mom here last week, and I noticed she had a little one (barely 2) out of diapers and asked her how she did it. She said she has lost her job and could not afford diapers, so they had no choice but to go straight to potty training! Wow!

I feel like if I can just stick with it, I feel Sarah can do it.....I just hope I have the patience! I'll start a daily blog on Thursday to track our progress....wish us luck!

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