Monday, January 19, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm????

This past week, I have stumbled upon 2 great mysteries that I am sure have occurred in numerous households over the years.  They involve little ones...see if any of you moms can relate....
#1 - Why is it that at least 30% of what is supposed to go into Ava's mouth at mealtime ends up in her seat?  I'm trying to be tactful, but what I really mean is her butt!  I have the tray pushed up as close to her as possible - I'm surprised she can even breathe!  It is a tight fit - it's not like she is in a recliner!  Yet - whenever I take her out, I find lots of food right under her tiny behind.  She doesn't put it there - I have the tray so close I don't think she can get her arms under it!

#2 - Charles discovered this one Sunday morning.  Ava is fully clothed (in pj's)...after breakfast he goes to get her dressed and finds a Cheerio IN her diaper.... like IN her know?  Okay - so not only would she have to get her hands under the tray, but into her diaper?  How the heck??  I think I need to just videotape her at mealtime and go back & watch it in slow-motion.  It just boggles the mind!

Okay - so we have had a crazy week....Zachary & Josh were both sick.  Zachary missed 3 days of school with fever & a massive double ear infection, and Josh missed 2 days due to puking and high fever (103!)  Surprisingly, the girls stayed clean...I still don't know how that happened seeing that we ALL 6 shared a cup of Costco yogurt the night before Josh got sick (thank you Jesus!)  Then - later that night after I had dropped off the girls at church, I was in Kroger in Collierville when Charles called me and I had to go all the way back to First Assembly b/c I had taken Charles' car home and he was left at church with no key to my car and 2 very hyper little girls! (The boys had come home with me.)  It was insane...and freakin' cold that night!

The highlight of my week was my "girl's night out" at Panera on Monday.  Tammy, Jennifer, Lisa & I had soo much fun!  Good food and great gab!  We are doing a Bible study...The "One Year Women's Friendship Devotional".  It is wonderful!  Did we really talk about it...well no...we really weren't prepared, but we are emailing each other and "talking" about it.  Hey - we are all busy mom' do what you have to do!

So - today was the holiday so I guess our week starts tomorrow (sigh). Good for the boys!  I work Tues & Wed, and then this weekend...yuck!  I hate this part of my job...I'm praying for a change, so I'd love some other "prayer partners" out there!  I don't necessarily want to change the location...just the whole "late nights" and "one-weekend-a-month" thing!  Thanks so much!  Hope everyone has a great week!

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all4boys said...

I'll partner up with you...In fact I already did. Love you!