Saturday, January 10, 2009

What To Talk About?

Seriously...that is why I haven't blogged in a while.  We've just been plugging along - getting back into a routine after the incredibly busy holiday.  It's kind of bittersweet actually.  I mean, we spend 3 months looking at Christmas stuff in stores, watching Christmas commercials, Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, going to Christmas parties and then....POOF!  As of December 26th it is OVER - not to be talked about again until next year.  I think we need at least 2 weeks to "detox" our minds instead of cutting it out cold turkey!

We had a great Christmas - Sarah LOVED her Dora backpack!  It didn't leave her body for 2 days except to change clothes!  She was sooooo into the presents!  Ava kind of caught on too.  She really didn't care about the gift itself - just getting to play with the paper!  The boys were thrilled too.  Their piles looked so small, but they really did get most of what they asked for (with the exception of  something alive & furry - we are NOT ready for that yet!)  "Santa" happened to leave a poem for them on the computer - which Josh found when he got up,  What a clever Santa!  Charles surprised me with a digital camera - which he bought the day after Christmas on-line & I got it New Year's Day.  YEA!  finally a "point & shoot" I can stick in my purse.  We have a great digital camera but it isn't handy for catching those moments around the house.  My new one has tons of bells & whistles too, but it is more - shall we say - "user friendly" for me!  Anyway - when Sarah saw mine, she wanted a camera too, so I found one at Target.  Here she is:
She's been taking pictures of EVERYTHING!  She is sooooo a mommy's girl these days.  She does everything I do (or at least tries to!)  I had a salad tonight and she ate most of it -- not to mention RAW BROCCOLI!!!!  Oh yeah!  Finally!  One of my kids will eat raw veggies!  I craved vegetables like crazy when I was pregnant with her - maybe that is why.  Since she wants to do EVERYTHING like mommy,  I'm going to use that as leverage to start potty training in a couple of weeks.  I bought her some Dora panties and she is really excited about them!  I'm not sure how successful it will be, but it is worth a shot!

Well - the boys will be home soon, so I need to finish laundry so I can head to bed when they get home.  They passed their belt test tonight, so they are now "orange belt - black stripe".  Their next test will be for green belt.  I'm so proud of them - they have come so far!  Tomorrow is going to be a LOOOOONG day for all of us.  These weekends go by way too fast! 

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Amy said...

I agree about Christmas "detox." I find myself "mourning" for Christmas for a couple of weeks. All the hustle and bustle and then NOTHING.

Your kids are so cute. If I ever make it to Memphis, I would love to see you!