Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time Does Fly!

Obviously...because it has been almost 2 months since my last blog! We have moved, celebrated birthdays, had sleepovers, slept in, loved summer, and so much more. I know the evil school stuff is looming around the corner, but I just can't bring myself to think about it just yet...lalalala!

So first, we moved to an amazing neighborhood. So many kids, so many nice families! The girls would stay outside from dawn to dusk (which I wouldn't mind if it weren't 120 degrees outside!), and the boys pretty much do! Well -- they spend alot of time swimming. In the evenings when it cools down, we all emerge from our cool caves and ride bikes, go for walks, or talk. I seriously can't tell you how happy we are with our new neighborhood! I don't care if they tore down my old house and replaced it with a 4,000 square foot house for less money. The people who had moved in next door brought their 2 pit bulls. Nice. They had to be chained up when they were out because the yard was not gated all the way around. They barked like crazy any time we were outside (and that was lovely since I get home at 11:30 at night on the days I work.) Sometimes I just walked back there to get them all worked up just to be mean -- oops! I didn't care ... our bedrooms were on the other side of the house. I was so afraid for the girls to even go in the backyard (we had a chain link fence on that side). Those jokers are strong and if they got mad enough, I was afraid they would break their chain and come over that fence in a millisecond! Anyway....there were no neighborhood kids for the boys to play with either (except one - long story). All that and the obvious growing of our family called for a new place to call home! So fast we are! The biggest change is that Zachary and Josh each have their own room. Zachary (my OCD child) is sooooo happy! He has a place for everything and everything is in its place. Josh ,however, (as I have stated before) is NOT OCD about things....his philosophy is "let the chips [or stuff] fall where they may." You get the idea. See why Zachary is so happy?

Now, the drawbacks to our present situation. 1) The girls can reach the locks and can escape out the front door anytime. So far, this hasn't been a HUGE issue...but it still is an issue. 2) Twice I have come home from work and nearly had a panic attack because I literally could not find one of my kids (and suprisingly, neither time it was Ava!) The first time it was Josh. He had fallen asleep in an overstuffed chair in the corner of the living room. The lights were out, so I couldn't see him. The second time it was Zachary. The girls were afraid of the fireworks the neighbors behind us were shooting off, so he had fallen asleep in the girl's room. Ava was in our bed curled up next to Charles. My heart was racing that night!

So we the throws of nice! Sarah and Ava both had birthdays. They are now 4 and 3. Wow! How does that happen? Sarah is obsessed with wearing clothes that are purple, and Ava clomps around the house all day in her princess shoes. She is quite the diva! We've been playing in the little blow-up pool. Well, the girls have. I just supervise! We would love to have a pool....maybe in a couple of years. Goodness knows we would use it! We'll see...rumors of a dog are brewing....

I had to change my pictures on my blog. I just realized it's summer and in the old pics, all my kids are wearing sweaters! Ha! The beach pics are from last year. Everyone still looks the same - except taller - and Josh does have a buzz cut! That's okay...they're still cute...even if they are mine! :-)