Sunday, November 1, 2009


I don't know if any of you read any of the blogs that are on my blog list on the left side of my blog, but I do encourage you to read "My Charming Kids" by "McKmama". I don't know her personally, but I have been following her blog for about 7 months now. She too has 4 kids, and her youngest - Stellan - was born with SVT (rapid heart rate). It's a long story, but the short of it is he has had several bouts that have required several hospital stays....some lengthy. This little guy has lived through more than the average adult will ever see - he truly is a miracle baby!

Anyway - Stellan was rushed to the hospital last Tuesday night with a severe bout of SVT -- in fact, they could have easily lost him had his parents not checked on him. He spent his first birthday fighting for his life in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) where he is currently residing in a hospital in his hometown. McKmama is a Christian, and one of the things I love about her blog is that she is soooo very real. She bares her soul on her blog. She talks about struggles with family, finances, name it! All this to say, a couple of days ago, she wrote a very lengthy blog about the point of praying. I loved it, and I encourage you to click on her link and scroll thru the sweet pics of Stellan and his first birthday "party" he had in the PICU to read it yourself. She brought to life many questions that I - and I am sure many of you - have had about prayer. More specifically...."What is the point?" I feel God knows the outcome anyway, so why bother? I pray because I feel led to, but in the back of my mind sometimes I think, "God isn't going to change his mind, so why do this?" I will take one quote from her..... I think it is very insightful:

"Maybe the point of prayer, if it isn't to get God to do what we want, is instead to bring ourselves into alignment with God so that we can be close enough to Him to be okay with what He decides instead of feeling like we need to try to get our way. "

Anyway....I'd be curious to know your thoughts....ever feel like that too? Ever get frustrated? Silly question...I'm sure you do!


all4boys said...

I read her blog, too, although on that one I skimmed through. It was LOOOONNNNNGGG. :) I will go and read it now that you've mentioned it. :)

To answer your question: yes I have felt that way. But she's right~it does put us in line with what He wants, and it humbles us, I think, to have to ask for it. It brings us to our knees~or faces sometimes~and we're forced to bow to Him.

Anyway. I'm just sayin'. Love you!!! Missed you at church yesterday!!

cschaade1 said...

What a sad story! I love your comments.. it's my favorite when people like you say what they really think.. lets be real here people!! Cute pics! I would love to see more. =) I hope you and Charles had a great day off together on Friday!