Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Another Day....

Okay - for my out of town friends, let me just give you a re-cap of what has been going on here in Memphis so you will know why I am rambling on and on. If you want to see the "real deal", log onto one of our news websites (,, or to see some video or keep up with what is going on.

Earlier this week, a 23 year-old mother left 2 of her children (ages 3 and 2) home alone while she and the children's aunt left to supposedly go drop someone off....other reports say they were shopping. It really doesn't matter though - the point is the children were left home alone. Consequently, there was a fire and the 3 year-old died and the 2 year-old is in very critical condition. As of now, no one knows how the fire started. Just another defining moment in Memphis news basically. What made me so mad was actually watching the news reports the next day. The aunt was interviewed and said .... I kid you not......that she really wanted to get into the house and see if her purse burned up because her food stamps card was in there. I was so shocked! She had absolutely no remorse whatsoever. It was scary to see someone so calloused. She HAD to be on something! Then, they show a clip of the mother. She was weeping and wailing and falling out on the ground. Now THAT really ticked me off. It is way too late to play the "concerned mom" card. You lost the right to act like that the moment you left those babies alone. I was livid! And then to find out that the door was locked and windows nailed shut? I just can't imagine. It isn't like we are talking about a young teenage mom...she also has a 5 year old who fortunately was in school at the time. That child is now in state custody. There is no telling how many times the mom left all three alone to go do whatever she wanted. I just can't girls are 3 and 2 and there is no way on earth I would leave them alone in the house for ANYTHING! Geesh...even when I take a shower I lock them in my room so I can hear them at all times. The thought of leaving them alone to fend for themselves....I just can't even go there. My heart aches for the family, but I'm sorry - that was just pure stupidity on the part of both "adults". I guess it is just a sign of how bad things have become in our society. People are so selfish and uneducated. It is so sad to know that someone so young has to pay for the ignorance of the mother.

So a result....I vow to not watch the news again. I always get ticked off at something. A couple of weeks ago I was mad because of the court case in California over the park ranger who was suing because he was forced to look at a cross - which was actually a war memorial - while at work. Oh please! Give me a break! He can't stand to look at a cross, but I'll be willing to bet he has no problem spending the currency in his pocket that has "In God We Trust" emblazened across it. Hypocrit....

Anyway...I'm going to take lots of deep cleansing breaths and focus on my own sweet brood! I sure do love my family! We are going to attempt to have outdoor family pics made tomorrow. I don't see how people who plan an outdoor wedding do it! I am already on the verge of an ulcer! Planning on who wears what...and then I realize "Oh Yeah! What am I going to wear?" Ugh! All I can say is -- thank goodness for Photoshop! :-)

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Rhonda Thompson said...

I have the same feeling you do. Why do the youngest lives pay the price for stupidity of their mothers and/or fathers.
I don't how many shots you had to take to get the one of all the kids running. But I can promise you it has put a smile on my face. I know it has put an even bigger smile on your face!!!
hug those babies and give them kisses.