Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Eating My Words....And They Don't Taste Too Bad!

Okay...I know it wasn't even a good 2 weeks ago I said there was NO WAY I was ready to put Sarah in a big girl bed.  She is up at the crack of dawn and I know poor Ava is up early because of her!  Then - out of the blue - a co-worker offered me her daughter's bedroom suit.....for FREE!  Seriously - I just can't turn down an offer like that!  I really hadn't thought about Ava moving out of her crib too, but when I found out this was a double bed, Charles & I figured we might as well bite the bullet!  We were really anxious to see how they would adapt, and with the exception of nap-time, they really have done well.  We put them down at night (around 8) and usually don't hear a peep out of them until they come wobbling out of the room around 7 the next morning.  Naps are a different story.  It just doesn't happen!  Now on Tuesday, Sarah was at Mother's Day Out so I left Ava in the room to see what she would do.  She never cried to come out, but I did hear her on the slide several times.  I finally went in to get her up because we had to get to school and she was curled up on the floor asleep with her blanket.  I guess if she is tired enough, she will crash!  Anyway - here are some pics of their first before they got in bed - one playing before bed - and one after they finally gave it up!

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all4boys said...

Priceless. I love it! I remember when I put Jonah and Noah in their big boy beds the 1st was harder on me than it was them. We, too, compromised on the naps. They ended up taking naps on the couch for a while, then soon after gave them up. I can't believe how big they are now...Ava's hair is so long! They're turning 2 and 3, right? Man. Time flies. Hate that I didn't get to hug you Sunday. I did see you very briefly. Love you girl!!!