Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Happy Birthday!

Sorry - this birthday blog is a day late!  Little Ava turned 2 yesterday and she never gave me a moments peace to write her birthday blog!  Hard to believe my little "Itsy Bitsy" is now 2 -- going on 12!  Boy does she keep me busy!  She is NEVER still - ALWAYS climbing into or onto something.  Right now she is "practicing" going potty - whereby she pulls off her diaper and goes to the bathroom only to play with the toilet paper.  She has yet to actually deposit anything in the potty...but that day will come - and I CANNOT wait!

Ava was my littlest baby (barely 6 lbs!), but she has more than made up for her size.  She is in constant motion and gives her siblings a run for their money.  It's a good thing we don't have a pet, or the poor thing would probably be tortured!  She is still a little thing, but she is gaining weight (now up to 25 lbs!), so I guess she will be caught up with her sis before long.  She & Sarah love each other, but at times they don't like each other either (big surprise).  Ava is always pulling Sarah's hair and knows just how to push her buttons.  They both share a big girl bed now, and I love to watch them sleep.  One night I walked in and (remember they are both asleep) Sarah had Ava in a headlock...Ava's head was between Sarah's knees!  I ran & got my camera, but they had already changed positions by the time I got back.  I am so glad they have each other!  I looooove my "Bitsy"!!!!

Day after she was born!

1st Birthday!
2 Years Old!

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