Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Okay - so my friend Jennifer is probably going to think I stole her blog title!   ;-)  No really - I have been thinking about this all day and that is exactly how I feel right now - that my life has been blessed by so many people.

I have a great family.  My kids amaze me more and more every day!  Charles is in York England for 12 days, and the kids have been so good and so helpful.  Zachary is blowing me away!  He is always asking if there is anything he can do to help me.  He offers to help (even MAKE!) dinner, he has given Sarah her bath (washing hair included) the last 2 nights and gotten her ready for bed - the child has been the other half of my brain!  When he goes to camp next week, I will be up a creek!  (I would say Charles is paying him big bucks, but he has been doing this for several weeks now!)  Josh is a sweetheart, but he doesn't take initiative to just "do" things like Zachary does.  If I asked him to paint a room with his toes he would jump right up and say, "Yes ma'am", but he won't ask if he can do anything.  I'm learning that that is a major difference in his and Zachary's personalities.  Zachary is all over things like white on rice, but Josh lingers in the background and wants to be asked - or invited - to be a part.  You think he isn't paying attention, but oh no - he is - and gets his feelings hurt very easily if not  asked to be a part.  (Jen - I read your blog and had to laugh when you mentioned the boys losing a wallet with $45....Josh lost $20 just a couple of weeks ago.  It's here somewhere!)  Sarah has even been helpful - she has worn her "big girl" underwear all day with only one tiny mishap this morning.  She even stayed dry thru her nap!  My only obstacle is that she REFUSES to poop in the potty.  I'm not sure how to handle that -- any suggestions?  I can't leave out little Ava either....she's been very good too!

I'm blessed with an incredible husband I do NOT deserve.  He left early yesterday morning to go on his mission trip.  I hate it when he is gone so long - not like he does this often!  I can handle the daytime stuff...I just hate going to bed when he isn't here!  Time will pass quickly though, and I can't wait to see his pictures.  York is a beautiful place!

I have been blessed with amazing friends - of all ages!  These friends love me and my quirks and totally understand that when I go months without talking to them, it isn't because I am mad or don't care - they know I have a CRAZY life and don't get to connect as often as I can or should.  We just pick up right where we left off and keep on goin'!  I have older - wiser friends who I know I can call 24/7 if I need them, and that is such a good feeling!  I have younger friends who take great pride in reminding me that I am OLDER they they are (ahem - initials are TB!)  I just love my friends - all of you!  You are a constant source of strength, laughter and love for me - you are a HUGE blessing in my life!  Thank you for being you!!

Well - I am again so very tired, so I am going to finish my laundry and try to get some sleep.  I started a journal for Charles to read when he gets back, so I need to write in it as well.  Two weeks is a long time to be away from kids & family, and goodness knows my 2 remaining brain cells cannot remember all the funny and crazy stuff that goes on around here for that long!  Much love and blessings to all of you!!!   

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all4boys said...

I don't think you stole my title. It's good to be thankful, isn't it? And why not write about it when God has so richly blessed us?!

You are not gonna believe this, but then again you was DREW that lost the wallet with the money in it. Imagine that. Drew/Josh. Think what our lives would be like w/out their sweet little selves and constant joy they bring to us!

Love you girl...and I love that we always pick right back up. Life gets in the way, doesn't it? No matter~we're doing exactly what God wants us to be doing for a time such as this. Let me know if you need anything while Charles is gone!