Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another "First"....

So - today was another "first" in our household - Ava had her first day at MDO (Mother's Day Out).  Boy has time gone by fast!  It is so hard to believe she is almost "2"!  She had a great day - although I have no idea if she took a nap or not - I didn't get info in her bag about her day, but since I know her teachers, I guess they would have told me if she acted crazy.  Sarah moved up the big "3" room - she will turn 3 next Tuesday.  She was sooo excited about her new class and her new toys! I snapped this picture before we left this morning.  I was going to have them hold their bags, but all Ava wanted to do was try to get into her Tinkerbell lunchbox!  I'm so glad they had a good day.  They fell asleep in about 15 seconds (literally), so I guess it was a very full day for both of them.

So where are the boys?  They are at the coast with Nana visiting friends of hers.  She finished school last week and they hit the road the next day.  It sounds like they are having a blast.  They've seen all kinds of fish - even alligators!  They fish every day - Zachary even caught a stingray!  I can't wait to see those pics!  Today, he said he caught 3 crab and ate his first crab legs.  He "kind of liked them"...Ms. Paul's fishsticks they ain't!  I can't wait to hear all about what they did.  Zachary is the designated caller - I haven't even talked to Josh since he left.  They will be back Thursday or Friday, and I can't wait to squeeze them!  I miss my boys!!!

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AuntieSallie said...

I can not believe you have been twelve years and have FOUR children. When I think of you I think of Pigs flying with steering wheels! The family is gorgeous.