Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-Runs Are Good Too!

(I am seriously behind on my blogging...having the computer upstairs makes it much harder to just stop and blog my thoughts for a minute.  Then there is the puppy...and of course Ava...point being I just don't have much time these days, but I promise to do better!  It is my therapy you know!  Now on to the blog.......)

I love re-runs...heck....if it weren't for re-runs (or DVR) I would never see anything on tv.  I love to watch"Friends", "The Office", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Home Improvement", "That 70's Show"... I would be in heaven if there was a channel dedicated to to nothing but re-runs of these shows (my own choosing you understand).  I saw a glimpse of a recent "Two and a Half Men" and nearly choked when I saw how grown Jake is now!  I am REALLY behind!

Anyway, the point of all this is....I originally posted this blog in November 2008 (has it really been that long?  WOW!)  My husband is pretty special, and I had written this to just fill ya'll in on some of the things you don't get to see.  He is amazing in so many ways and I am so very blessed to have him as my husband.  We have a crazy life, yet he takes it all in stride.  I decided to re-post it because it is WAY overdue, and to tweek it just a bit.  He deserves to hear it...more often than every 2 years too!  So here you go....just a few reasons why I am so in love with my husband:

1) He loves his family. Charles is 100% hands-on with the kids. With my work schedule, I am gone 3 nights out of the week, so that is 3 nights he is home alone with 4 kids and a puppy and having to manage homework, dinner, baths, and bedtime. There aren't many men who would do that - or can do that - much less be good at it!

2) He does little things to show me he thinks of me. On days he knows I am driving his car the next day, he'll set the CD player to my favorite CD, or he'll send me an e-card for no reason. He doesn't hesitate to make me feel special.

3) He is always quick to compliment if he thinks I look nice, or even on dinner (when I am able to cook!)  And he is a pretty good grillmaster if I do say so myself!

4) He voluntarily helps out around the house. He will give the girls a bath while I do dishes or vice-versa. I never have to ask him to help me.

5) He has no problem with me having a "girls night" every now and then - even when I am gone other nights of the week.  I don't do it very often because that is another night away from home, but if I do.....

6) He has a tender heart and is soft-spoken. He never yells and never talks down to me.

7) He has the best arms in the world! When he hugs me, it is the best part of my day...aaahhhhh!

8) His attitude in a stressful situation is so comforting. He is my rock for sure.

9) He is great at making me see the "other side of the story". If I get upset about something he'll say, "Well, from their perspective, they probably meant......"  Sometimes it makes me want to slug him...but I know he is right.

10) I love how he hums in the shower.

11) He'll bring home Nestle Tollhouse ice-cream cookies when he has to make a night trip to Wal-Mart!  Or make a batch of Girhadelli brownies...YUM!

12) He will sew his own button or iron his own shirt.

13) He makes the BEST lasagna, the BEST cheesecake, and the BEST home-made oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies!

14) He still opens my door for me.

15) We ALWAYS end a phone conversation with "I Love You". Even if he is miffed with me, he'll still say it! :-)

16) He'll bring me flowers "just because".

17) He works hard. He has a full-time job and still works for his dad. It stinks sometimes -- okay -- lots of the time, but he still does it.

18) His family comes first.

19) If you are lucky enough to be his friend, then you have a friend for life.

20) He is the most patient person I know. I don't know how he does what he does!

21) He'll give me his "crispy" part of his fish and take my "thicker" part. (I don't like thick fillets!)

22) He knows that I like honey mustard with my onion rings, lemon in my tea/water, no jalepenos on my " Spud Ole", my eggs hard scrambled, and he knows (better than I do I am ashamed to admit), how I like my coffee!

23) He'll arrange for someone(s) to watch the kiddos so we can have a "date" every now and then.  It doesn't happen often, but we try!

24) He decorates an amazing Christmas tree. I am not the creative one here...he is so good at that kind of stuff! Thank goodness the kids have him around to help with projects and stuff!

25) He is faithful ~ enough said.

I could go on and on.  This is just the tip of the iceberg people!  He is the perfect example of Christ's love for the church.  There are so many times I can't understand why he puts up with my craziness, moodiness or stubborness, but it is all because he loves me ~ unconditionally.  It's just that simple.  Just like God's love for us ~ it's unconditional!'s pretty awesome! :-)

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