Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Over Already?

Man -- spring break came and went faster than I could blink! Where did the time go? it ws sooo nice to not have to make lunches or worry about homework or backpacks...summer just can't come fast enough! We did plenty of stuff...but not like REALLY fun stuff. The two days the weather was nice, I had to work..but the kiddos played outside, so they were still happy. We had dentist appointments (still no cavities..woohoo!), ate at Perkins TWICE (the boys could eat there every meal I think!), and they had play practice every night from 6-9. Tonight (Tuesday), is their first night at home in I don't know how long...they just don't know what to do! They were bummed after Sunday's performance because they won't see their new friends on a regular basis. :-( That's okay...we got phone numbers, so we can keep in touch! At Sunday's performance, they presented Josh with what you see here....

Josh was the "Featured Artist" for "Dear Edwina"...meaning his artwork was used for all posters, tickets, flyers, etc. Leanne (the president of New Day Theatre), had a flyer and ticket framed and had all the cast sign...isn't it precious? They had such a good time...and most importantly, made some new friends along the way. Josh is really excited because this summer they are doing two sessions of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" workshops. He just looooves that series! The movie can't come out fast enough!
So -- that was our week in a nutshell...hope you guys have/had a great spring break!

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