Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Was I Just Thinking About?

I am getting so old....or my kids have sucked every functioning brain cell out of my head! I had a great topic to blog about and for the life of me I have forgotten what it was! Whatever it was had pushed its way all the way past the other potential blog topics into the number 1 spot...and now I can't even remember what it was! AAAAAGGHHH! That is so frustrating....I've tried to re-trace my thoughts but that hasn't helped either. I'm telling you -- it's those lovely children of mine! Let's see....I do remember reading an awesome blog on marriage by "MckMama" (see the blog list on the right!) was so amazing I was just going to post the link and let you read it yourself...then I am sure one of my kids did something to deserve an entry. I'm just a total blank!

Well, I guess if I'm here, I might as well blog about something. It's going to be stream of randomness, so just bear with me! Let's see.....we have "sort of" started potty training with Ava. She is just not getting it. I need to have everyone else move out of the house for a couple of days so it can just be me and her, but that isn't going to happen. My work schedule is so crazy that I don't have enough days off in a row where we can just stay home and focus on this (and my job? -- that deserves another post -- but can't do it here -- those thoughts are best kept to myself, so just pray that an amazing miracle happens to rectify that situation!) Like Sarah, it will "click" for her eventually....and I cannot wait! Then we will be diaper-free! Woohoo! Yea for small victories! (Small victories that add up to big $$$!)

Hmmm....what else is going on...there is always something! Life is just it's normal crazy self at our go in different directions most days - and the girls have not even started any extra sports or activities yet!

I STILL can't think of what it was I wanted to blog about...maybe about my dislike for frustrating life can be much I love my kiddos and how fast they are growing up...I don't know. If it comes back to me, I'll let you know! Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

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