Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ha! Yeah -- that pretty much describes my life on an erveryday basis, but you know, I am pretty used to it by now. I was just looking at my blog and realized here it is, almost the middle of April, and I have not blogged even once this month. Goodness knows, I should have...that would relieve plenty of stress! Let me just throw out a few things to catch up on the last few weeks...

- Josh has started baseball. He loves it, and appears to be pretty good at it! He has practice on Mondays and then Charles has to get him to karate. Makes for a stressful afternoon for Charles..poor guy! Add to that the Mondays when I am working, and then it s even more stressful for him. :-( Sometimes I think there are more disadvantages than advantages to my schedule, but what do you do? At least I have a job...

- Allergies....'nuf said! I need to invest in an antihistamine company!

- Because of said allergies, Sarah has been BACK to the dr. for her recurrent croup -- got a cxr (which was normal) - and still tends to "bark" periodically. I am taking it upon myself to diagnose her croup due to allergies. She's okay though -- I am blessed to have healthy kids! I'm not going to stress over some sniffs and drips!

- We had a visitor at our house a couple of weeks ago....a little bird got in thru the back door going into the garage! Fortunately, Josh was not home at the time or we would have had to do CPR on him...he would have totally freaked! My poor mom was trying to heard the girls out so she could take them to her house to meet an inspector. Thank goodness she managed to get him out with no incident (like pooping!)

- Same day -- while the girls were at my mom's -- Ava somehow figured out how to call 911. At least they called back before they sent the calvary out to her house!

- Finally, we now have a "For Sale" sign in our yard! I'm still in shock! It would be great if it sold quickly. People think we are crazy for selling our house. Umm, have you counted how many people actually live there? We do like our house -- it isn't personal -- we just need more room! The boys are busting out of their room, and quite frankly - they each need their own. They are the epitome of "The Odd Couple", and have now reached the age where I think they would like each other more if they each had their own space. On the other hand, I plan on keeping the girls together as long as they want to share a room. They love to giggle and play, and when it comes to sleeping, they sleep like puppies -- all over each other! I NEED a master bath -- a retreat -- a room for me where I can lock the door! Yes - I admit I am being selfish, but I don't think that is much to ask. Six people require S-P-A-C-E ! Oh well - time will tell! I'm so very proud of my husband for working so hard to get the house ready!

I guess hat sums it up -- for now! Stayed tuned for more excitement! :-)

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