Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Hate Titles!

I do...coming up with a title is worse than writing the blog! I looked at the date I last blogged and could not believe how long since it has been since I wrote anything. Goodness knows I could use some writing therapy! Maybe this will make my eye stop twitching...ha! No really, my left eye has been twitching for about 2 weeks. I actually googled it and causes can be tiredness or stress. So either way I lose! The change in my work schedule means I am always tired, and just the thought of the impending move makes me want to reach for a little brown bag to breathe in.

Yes, since my last blog, we put our house up for sale..sold it in 4 days...then found an AH-MAZING house for ourselves. Seriously...Charles and I had decided if we did not get this house, we would probably move into an apartment and consider buying a lot and building. But that was not to be! This one is so perfect for us. Strange thing is, the only reason we even looked at it was just to kill time while someone else looked at our house. I had seen the pics on the internet, but wasn't really "wowed" by them. When we walked thru it though, Charles and I both had "that feeling" had the "it" factor. We couldn't put our finger on it...we just knew this was "our" house. It's kind of like when you know you have met "the one"...the one you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. It's beautiful...and will take many many years to decorate the way we want. That's okay tho...we have the time..I just don't have the patience (or the $$..ha!!) It's only a couple of minutes (literally) from where we are now, so the move should be easy. I just dread the packing...and the unpacking. I was hoping to be able to slip into some sort of coma for a few days and wake up and it all be done...yeah...right......where is that little brown bag again?

So that's what's going on for us. The kids are sooooo excited! The boys are looking forward to having their own room...I'm looking forward to the big kitchen and reclaiming an actual master bath...and the closet space! Charles is pumped about having a 3rd car garage...and we are all looking forward to the new friends to be made! I hear the cove is full of kiddos, so lots of playmates for everyone!

Oh~and let's not forget the most important event coming up.....the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Seriously, I don't know who is looking forward to it more, me or the boys! No schedules, no tests, no forms to fill out, no lunches to make, no backpacks, no uniforms....aaah! I've been looking forward to this since spring break....2 months of bliss (well -- for the most part -- until the fighting begins! :-)

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