Monday, February 22, 2010

My Josh

So -- this is my Josh. Hard to believe he is 8 1/2 now. Seems like only yesterday he looked like this.....

I don't know about you, but I see a whole lot of Ava in that picture! He was 4..playing soccer for the first time. Everyone else would be running down the field after the ball, and he was in his own little world...just jogging behind...waving as he went by! He really is so cute - even if he is mine!

Sometimes I think Josh gets the short end of the stick...he isn't the oldest....isn't the youngest...isn't the first get the idea. He's a special little guy. (I forgot - he isn't so little anymore!) Of course, all my kids are - but each in their own way. Josh loves video games...and candy...and video games...and candy...and video games...and candy. Well, he does like other stuff too - like reading, playing baseball and basketball (a newfound interest), drawing cartoons, watching movies, and aggravating his siblings. He makes me laugh, and on occasion, he makes me want to pull my hair out. He is a blue belt in karate. His drawing won as the poster for the play he and Zachary are going to be in in a couple of weeks. (The play is "Dear Edwina" at Harrell Theatre March 12-15....shameless plug!) He is a scatterbrain (how many times has he lost his wallet?) He can go to sleep at night with the blanket and sheet covering him, and by the next morning the sheet is shoved all the way down to the foot of the bed and he is wrapped up in the comforter like a sausage. He loves jokes, has an INTENSE fear of storms (no exaggerating there!), and an equally intense imagination. He has a fierce temper, and an amazing ability to feel deeply. He has a sensitive little spirit that makes him cry if you look at him wrong. He most definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. His glass is always half-full. We learned quickly that grounding him or taking things away from him does not work as an effective form of punishment because he would just say, "Oh well, that's okay. I'll just (insert new interest of choice here) instead." He is such a joy to hang out with one-on-one.....not that that happens very much, but I treasure it when it does. I sure do love him...he's my favorite Josh!

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all4boys said...

First, I LOVE the new look! It's great!, have you been in my house without me knowing lately? You know I just found Drew's wallet after a four month stint of being gone. And thunderstorms, and HEAVEN FORBID, tornadoes! Lord, we have to do some serious praying everytime we have one of those!

And the sensitive thing, and the middle child syndrome...I could go on. We seriously have the same child. How precious. I've come to love Drew's individuality~at first it bugged me~but now that I changed my way of thinking, I love how quirky he is.

This was a great post. I loved it! I'm gonna go read it again! Love you girl!