Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life is never dull at the Robertson house!

This is my first blog, so I'm still a little wobbly!  I've been inspired by my friend Jennifer to start this (and she doesn't even know it!)  Like her, I love to write but never get a chance to, so this is now my new "therapy" - and I'm pretty excited about it!  To my friends, I hope you find it funny, enlightening, and at times encouraging....please feel free to share your comments!

I'm going to start by telling you about our week.  Monday, I was at work (I'm a rad tech at Methodist Minor Med at Hacks & Winchester - I take x-rays and do LOTS of other stuff).  My mom watches the girls on the days I work.  Mom called me and said that Sarah had put a raisin up her nose.  I just laughed but mom was a little panicky.  Long story short -- she brought the girls up to the clinic and after 2 nurses, 1 nurse practitioner, and 1 doctor looked at her, we all determined that there was no raisin -- at least as far as we could see!  Sarah was very clear that a raisin had been in her nose, but not a clue as to where it was now.  That was Monday.....this past weekend, Charles and his dad had to take apart one of our toilets because this same little darling had stuffed it with a bar of soap, a toilet paper roll, an ear from "Larry Boy" (a Veggie Tale character), a marble, and numerous other items.  Let me just add that this isn't the first time we have had to do this!  She is quite the little ball of fire - to put it mildly!  Needless to say, all bathroom doors must be closed at all times.  Ava is now toddling around and her radar hones in on open toilet seats.  She thinks they are finger bowls and LOVES to splash around in them.  What's this?  Toilet paper?  Why this goes in there too I do believe...let's fill it up!  (Sigh)  Ava has cat-like reflexes.  Those little hands can be in the middle of something in a nanosecond!  I can just hear what she is thinking, "Wait for it........wait for it.........NOW!"

I hate to leave out Zachary & Josh, but now that school has started, they miss all of these "little" things.  I miss having them around during the day.  Sarah & Ava are almost too much for them to handle, but they are awesome big brothers.  Even though they get frustrated with Sarah (she is ALWAYS trying to get into their stuff), they love their sisters dearly and are forever at their beck-and-call.  

So -- that is our week so far.  Hopefully you will enjoy the happenings going on in our house.  Like I said in the beginning, this is my "therapy", so I'm sure to share the not-so-glamorous side as well.  I know you find it hard to believe that we aren't perfect!  :-)  Below is actually my FIRST blog I started right after we got back from vacation.  I just never got around to setting up my page.  I still need to update photos & such - just be patient and check back frequently!


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