Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras

Yes -- now THIS is the real deal.  Forget that show on TLC (or whatever channel it is on).  Watching that show is like watching the aftermath of a bad accident.  You watch in awe and think it is so bad but you can't not watch!

No, this is about the most beautiful little (and big!) girls dancing to "Aurora's Wedding".  (QUIZ: Do you know which princess is named "Aurora"?  You are not allowed to answer if you have a little girl under the age of 9!  If you don't know, I'll tell you ~ at the end of the post!)  Maybe it was because one of them was my own.  Nevertheless, even though it literally was "a dark and stormy night" outside, the performance inside all but made up for it. 

Mrs. Carrie Jean is an amazing woman.  She choreographs the entire ballet - which incorporates the tiniest little jumping beans up to the most graceful ballerina.  Being able to do that and do it well is a feat in itself.  :-)  She truly loves these girls (and boys!)  She invests time ~ lots of time ~ and with little compensation.  She teaches them scripture and prays with them.  She brings it down to their level.  In December, she had a "Mommy and Me" class (which btw kicked my butt was not as easy as it sounds).  At the end she told the kids the Christmas story using miniature candy bars (like, the 3 wise men [aka "Three Muskateers"] found the babe ["Baby Ruth"]).  I love how she calls them (the three and four year-olds) "little ballerinas".  Even at the recital, she is out there on stage with them and when it was time for them to run off you could hear her calling, "Run to me ballerinas!"  Precious I tell you...or maybe I am just sappy.

Before the performance, she went to every room (each age group had their own "dressing" room) and quoted their Bible verse and prayed with them.  That just warms my heart! 

I am so very greatful for Carrie Jean.  She invests so much into the lives of these kids and she does it selflessly and with lots of love.  Thank you for being Christ's servant!

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