Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Is Winding Down (And I'm NOT Happy About It!)

Yeah, so I have failed miserably as far as blogging goes this summer. I just seem to always run out of time.  These lazy, hazy days of summer are slipping through my hands and I don't like that at all!  We have been busy, and we still have lots to do!  I guess that is good tho. I have never been a fan of school starting back, but I am REALLY fighting it all the way this year.  There are too many changes going on.  Up until this year, Charles had been my "point-person" witht he kids.  He works there, so he runs into them during the day and can get in a quick "hello" or "how's your day?"  This year won't be that way tho (insert big frowny face here). Zachary is in a different building and Josh and Sarah are at totally different schools. Ava however, is good.  I'm not worried about her...she is in GREAT hands! (Love you Cindy!)  I am already stressing about all three of the older ones.  Zachary - just because he is in 7th grade....Josh and Sarah because they are going to totally new schools, new friends, riding the bus, what if there are bullies? I have no inside go-to person to check on them!  (Well, I do know a teacher there, but she will have her own classroom to deal with.)  This is crazy!  All I can do is pray about it.  That is powerful - yes - and literally all I can do.  I just seem have a problem of letting go of it.  I'm sure NO ONE has ever had that problem! :-)

So, until then, I will relish the rest of my time.  The days we can stay up late and sleep in...go swimming...whatever we want with no bedtimes or schedules.  That is my kind of life! Is that wrong?  Maybe I just need a vacation.....yes....another one - ha!!

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