Monday, August 6, 2012

Really? Already????

School is in the air....the smell of new backpacks, lunch boxes, fresh crayons, erasers, markers - it's everywhere!

And honestly, I'm not too thrilled about it.

I mean, part of me is.  The kids are looking forward to seeing friends again.  Sarah is very excited about being in first grade.  I'm GLAD they feel that way.  However, this morning as I was thinking about it (for the gazillionth time), I realize I am really going to miss them not being around.  Even my little headstrong one (haha).  We have been so busy this summer, but for the most part we have been busy TOGETHER.  Now, a different kind of busy is going to set in.  Instead of us doing things as a pack, it will be a matter of each one doing his/her own different thing (which I do encourage - don't get me wrong), and Charles and I will become the overseers/shauffers/cheerleaders of these things.  It's time to clean off the dry erase board and start filling it up with daily routines and schedules.


Having four kids with (for the most part) different interests makes for a busy schedule.  That is okay though.  If someone has an interest in something and is willing to fully commit to it, then we will do our best to make sure they can participate.  Soccer season is about to start, and I am VERY excited about that!  I love watching them play!  This year, three kiddos will be playing.  That potentially means three different teams and practices AND games (GULP!)  I still have not decided if I want to request for Sarah and Ava to be on the same team.  Sarah will try to helpful, but she tends to dominate.  Ava needs a chance to spread her wings without Sarah trying to take over.  It would be convenient (for me that is) for them to be on the same team - but I don't think it would be good for them - well Ava that is.  I guess I just convinced myself didn't I?  Haha!

Alright then...time to stop whining about the impending doom fast approaching school year.  Summer 2012 was a great season for us, but now it is time to move ahead.  It is kind of like half time in a football game.  We stopped, took time to huddle together and refresh ourselves, now it is time to get back in the game.  (However I'm secretly looking forward to the next "time out"!)  Whoop Whoop!!!!

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all4boys said...

I hope everyone has a great first week! Can you believe that summer is over? I feel like I spend my life wishing for the next you? Crazy! Today was insane at CMS. The kids are only allowed to ride the bus or be car riders, so you can imagine the traffic.

Love you, friend! I know we keep saying this...but we really MUST get together soon! I really miss you!