Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Like It Is Only "Two Steps Back"?

Haha!  I do lately!  I don't feel like I am making any steps forward!  My last fb status said I'm sure all of my kids teachers think I am a moron!  Let's see - over 2 weeks..Josh AND Zachary have out-of-town field trips...maybe...but parents like me who forget to turn in forms and money make it impossible to make it happen!  Aaaagh!  Okay - in my defense - it was all a matter of things falling into place.  Like, if this happens then we will do this but I can't do this until I know when this is going to happen and what if......?  See what I mean?  THEN the boys have rehearsals this weekend for Palm Sunday, Sarah has a birthday party and field trip (another form and $).  I CANNOT KEEP UP THIS WEEK!  Aaaaand.....my mom is having an out-patient procedure which meant I had to change my work schedule which has thrown me for a loop because I now have trouble remembering what day it is!  Aaaaaand Ava has 2 ballet recitals coming up and I have to make sure I have the right leotard and tights for the right performance.  Add all of this on top of the usual chaos that is our lives and there you have it!  I want to pull the covers up over my head for a couple of weeks until all the action passes!  :-)

So that fills you in on what I have been up to...no baby birdies yet, but the time is getting close!  Mamma bird sits on the nest all the time now (except for when we get too close or if too many of us come out). We also have another addition coming.  It looks like pigeons have nested on top of a ceiling fan on our patio.  I'm guessing since mamma bird NEVER leaves, she must have eggs in there too.  Don't these creatures see there are 4 kids and a dog all over that backyard?  It's ironic how they pick the wildest atmosphere to have their babies, but I'm so glad they did!  We have all learned from it.  Can't wait for their arrival and I will post pics as soon as I see little beaks popping up!

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