Friday, June 3, 2011

There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation.....

C'mon - you know you want to finish it - "and school comes along just to end it."  Nothing beats a good Phineas and Ferb lead in!  Actually, I don't know if we really do have 104 days, but nevertheless I will take what I can get.  I love the lazy days of summer.  Being able to wake up on my own before 7 a.m. is so much better than trying to drag myself up at 5:30 a.m.!  We don't have huge plans, but here's what I love about our "104 days":

Sleeping in

Staying up late

Grilling out


Celebrating birthdays!  Bernie, Sarah and Ava all have birthdays in June...

Hanging out with the other "cove moms" at night, sitting outside and chatting while the kids (all 12+ of them) play all over the cove.

Going for walks

Riding bikes

Jerry's Snow Cones ~ never got there last year!!

VACATION!  (CANNOT come soon enough!)

Dancing - the girls do at least.  The other day I asked Ava what she was doing and she said, "I'm shaking my booty - that's what you are supposed to do when you are dancing!")

Not caring if the house is spotless.  This fall all four kiddos will be in school so there will plenty of time for me to catch up on that later.  Within reason of course -- I don't exactly let mold grow or anything!

Watching movies - I'm so glad the girls are old enough to sit thru movies now

Ice cream at the square.  This is a new one...Just sounds like fun.  I like some of the new yogurt places, but their stuff is so expensive...we could eat a full meal at Chick-fil-A cheaper!

Watermelon....lots of watermelon!!!!!!!!

Sunshine!  Love the feel of it on my skin - but not when it is 100+ degrees!

Not having a schedule ~ deciding to do things on a whim ~ spending lots of time with my kiddos ~ that's what those "104 days" are ALL about! :)

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all4boys said...

Wooo hoooo! Me too, girl. We have 80 days of summer vacation. A friend of mine on facebook the other day put this as her status:

"Where the heck do Phineas and Ferb live that they get 104 days of summer vacation? I want to live there!"

Thought it was cute. I love summer!! I used to love hanging out with our street parents, too. But all their kids grew up. :( Mine were the youngest, and even mine are all old enough now to play outside by themselves. Instead, we hang out with the best neighbors ever. The ones that let us use their pool. :)

Love you, girly! I love when you post blogs!