Friday, October 31, 2008


That is EXACTLY what I have had to do so many times today!  I do love my girls, but OMG...they double team me sometimes!  Sarah woke up Ava so breakfast was being served before Charles & the boys even left for school....not a good sign.  Besides them both being cranky -- they were just into everything!  I found a place that had some little shoe covers for Sarah's costume (Dorothy) so we went to get those.  That sounds like such a simple task doesn't it?  You all know what the "getting ready" process is like, so let's just skip straight to the store.  I had asked them to hold the shoes for me so I wouldn't have to try digging for them.  So, I get in line for the register and Sarah thinks she is in Santa's workshop -- she's all over the place.  I manage to corral her to stay at least within 2 feet of me, and Ava is going nuts wanting to get down --- which was NOT going to happen!  We were in the store 3-5 minutes but it felt like 3-5 hours!  I was so glad to get back in the car!

We get home - they nibble at some lunch and I announce nap time.  Sarah goes into a crying fit so I promptly place her in bed and let her cry it out.  She's waaaay tired!  Ava goes too, but after about 30 minutes, they are still "talking" and Ava starts with the "serious" crying.  This does happen sometimes.  Usually I go check to make sure someone doesn't need a diaper change, give them a stern warning, and they proceed to go to sleep.  Not today.  Ava has chosen to revert to the "stripper" phase except this time she is "jaybird" naked.  Diaper & clothes are on the floor, and yes -- a wet spot on the sheets.....nice.  I changed the sheets, re-dressed her, swatted her behind (all not necessarily in that order) and put her back in bed.  I gave both of them a good "talkin' to" and walked out.  Not another sound was heard.  Finally!  Naps today  were not an option.   We have "trunk-or-treating" tonight at church and since they were up at the crack of dawn, they needed some down time.  Not to mention that mommy did too!  I had things to do!

After tonight, I should have some great pics to put up.  We went to my boss's farm in Moscow last weekend and the kids had an incredible time.  They got to see horses, cows, miniature donkeys, go on a hayride, roast hotdogs & marshmallows - we all had a blast.  [I work with some pretty awesome people (you know who you ya!)  We always have a great time together, be it at work or elsewhere.  That is a "fantabulous" thing since we are together 12+ hours the days we work!  I love them so! ]  Anyway, I have those pics and hopefully will get cooperation from the kids to get some good shots tonight!  Zachary is Batman, Josh is a storm trooper, Sarah is Dorothy and Ava is a kitty (pink/black).  I hope the hood fits over her rather "healthy" head!  We'll see... Happy Halloween to all!!

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