Saturday, October 4, 2008


Whew! There have been lots of things going on this week, so I'm going to hit the highlights. First of all, can someone (ANYONE!) offer up a suggestion as to why a toddler feels the need to be naked - particularly from the waist down? This seems to be a new "hobby" for Sarah and Ava - particularly at naptime. I can't tell you how many times I have had to wash their sheets this week. Fortunately, they were just other "surprises"! :-) I don't know how she did it, but one day Ava managed to even get her dust ruffle wet. I'm going to have to start putting her in one-piece pj's - and possibly turn them backwards. As for Sarah, she chooses to be stark naked, so I don't know what I'm going to do with her. She's so tall they don't make onesies big enough for her! I hope this "stripper" phase passes soon -- I not only hate, I loathe changing crib sheets. I would rather change my own sheets every day than have to change crib sheets. They are back-breakers! One positive note...this week I discovered Sarah loves steamed broccoli & Ava likes steamed carrots. Now just how long that will last is anyone's guess!

So, that is what the girls are up for Zachary & Josh....they had their first karate tournament today, and I am soooooo proud of them! Zachary placed 2nd in his division for sparring, 3rd for kata. Josh placed 1st in his division for sparring and 2nd for kata. They were in the same division for kata b/c that is based on belt level (they are both orange belts). They were in different divisions for sparring due to size. Now, the belt levels go white-yellow-orange-green-blue-purple-red-brown-black. There is also a "black stripe" belt in between each color (i.e., white-white/black stripe-yellow, etc). Josh beat out 2 green belts to get 1st and Zachary lost by 1 point to a purple belt and placed 2nd over 1 purple and one orange. Granted, this was a small tournament - not "Karate Kid" size, but they still did awesome. This was the first tournament their instructor hosted and he did an amazing job. Every kid walked away with either a trophy or medal, and he (as well as the 3 judges) did nothing but praise these kids. They emphasized today was about having fun and doing your best. "Mr. Keith" does a great job of building up confidence & character in his students. He loves what he does! Most of all, the boys enjoy it, and that is what counts!

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all4boys said...

hey!! Hmmmm, the naked ness I cannot help you with. Only Noah did that one time, and it was a fluke. I suggest onesies, though, that way she can't take them off.

I am proud of your boys! That's amazing! My boys are taking karate, although not seriously, because we're not faithful in going. =( Makes me feel bad. I hope your week is blessed!!!! Love you! Oh, and that's a great pic of you your hubby has of you in his album. You should put it on your page.