Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is It 4th of July, Or Christmas?

Seriously.....the reason I ask is because Sarah seems to be declaring her independence these days. "I DO IT!" is heard constantly! Don't get me wrong...I'm glad for her. She's testing her wings. The problem is when she does things like insisting on picking out her own pajamas - and she chooses her Elmo tank-top and shorts when it is 25 degrees outside! Do you realize what it takes to convince a strong-willed child that she needs to wear long sleeves and pants when that is not on her agenda? It's exhausting! She wants to pick her own breakfast (cookies or popsicles), her own clothes (explained above), put ON her own clothes, put her own toothpaste on her toothbrush, wash her own hair (as well as Ava's!) pour her own milk/juice (I don't think so!), put all the clothes in the dryer (I can work with that - even Ava joins in), buckle her own self in her car seat...the list goes on and on. Now - when Charles is home, that is a totally different story! Her independence is out the door and all we hear is "No! Mommy do it!!!" I have to buckle her in her seat (she has finally consented to letting Charles get her in - but he can not - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE - buckle her. It HAS to be me. He can't give her a bath, get her juice, get her name it. It's all about the mommy! Even Ava (aka..."Little Bit", "Bitsy", "Tiny Mite", "Spider Monkey", "Chihuahua on Crack"....) is getting into the act. When she phone rings, she says, "I get it!"... same thing when the dryer goes off ... "I get it!" It's really cute!

So anyway -- that is just a few of the musings happening at our house. Our crazy week is about to come to a close and I could not be happier. Christmas luncheon Sunday, and musical Sunday night. I can't wait to see it! The stage and choir look fabulous, and the kids do an AMAZING job! There are some really talented singers in that bunch! Yes - my own child is included - but even so, all of the soloists are so good! It will be exciting to see it all come together! I know Zachary & Josh can't wait! The boys have 1/2 days Wed., Thurs. and Fri. next week and then they are out for 2 whole weeks...yea! I think I'm looking forward to it just as much as the boys are -- no lunches or snacks to pack....sleeping late (anything past 6 a.m. works for me!)....just relaxing....aaaaaaahhhhh! Then, I'll be counting down until spring break, but now I'm getting ahead of myself.... :-)

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all4boys said...

It's really pitiful that it's a break for us as well. I HATE PACKING LUNCHES AND BACKPACKS NOW THAT ALL 4 OF THEM ARE IN SCHOOL. YOU JUST WAIT. IT STINKS. Notice the all caps? Try getting them all home, and unloading their bags, their lunches, their folders and having them all talk to you at the same time about the AWESOME thing they did today. It's exhausting. So, I'm excited too!!! You crack me up. Don't forget your hanky tomorrow night when your baby sings. Even I get teary, and he's not mine! Love you! Let's meet up during break, okay? I miss you. Muah.