Sunday, September 25, 2011

The "Cliff Notes" Version

It's been a whole two weeks (and then some) since my last let's do a quick catch up ~ shall we?

Birthday for me -- best part being the "little things" from my family.  My kids DO like me! :-)

Soccer started for Josh and Sarah.  I love watching them! 

Ava started ballet.  My little "delicate flower" loooves Carrie Jean!

Zachary is in full swing with cross country.  I am so proud of his determination and dedication!  Each week his times and placement get better! 

Josh auditioned for the school play - still waiting to hear about that.

My first "Mom's In Touch" (for Crosswind) meeting is tomorrow...I'm excited!

Lot's of "firsts" this week....more about that later! :-)

Lots of "friends" time...and more to come next week.

Lunch date with hubby last week.  Loved it!  Nothing like uninterrupted time refreshing!

Loved watching tv Friday night with oldest son piled on top of me - he will never be too old or too big :-)

Frustrated with certain aspects of life...but trying to learn to be content with where I am right now.

My love for Target gets deeper every is my happy place...and having Starbucks inside is bonus ~

I am also developing a love for tennis shoes - particularly running shoes.  The flashier the better!

Love to "blog stalk".  I will catch up on friends blogs, then check out their friends blogs, etc.  I like "real" blogs...people who are honest about what they are going thru, how they feel about things, etc.  I hate reading blogs written by people who make you think that woodland creatures are cleaning their house and the fairy godmother is making dinner....

Trying to juggle work, schedules, and quality time = failure most of the time.  My friends make me believe they do it with no problem, so why am I struggling with it?  Some of us have to work outside the home....(insert guilt here)....

I have decided Ava needs a personal assistant for our morning routine.  If she is left alone for a split second she is off playing in her room, or with Bernie, etc.  She is on her own schedule and just moves along as she deems necessary.  "Hurry up" is NOT in her vocabulary.  Neither is "WE HAVE GOT TO GO!!!"

My garage is hideous....must get rid of LOTS OF STUFF!!

I think my walls in my house need to be chocolate brown...that would hide a multitude of sins! Come to think of it, maybe the carpet should be chocolate brown too...

My laundry basket was empty last week....for about 3 minutes....but that was a glorious 3 minutes...

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all4boys said...

HA! Girlfriend, YOU ARE BUSY! A lot more so than kids aren't doing sports right now...just lots of church activities, but even that is awesome b/c it's only two blocks away! I am so happy you're going to Mom's in Touch in the morning! AWESOME! Is this a new group? Ours meets on Monday, too...we'll be thinking about y'all! We're doing a little 'treat day' for our schools tomorrow...we pray for Coll. Elem., Coll. Middle and Tara Oaks. You left out one minor little detail of your life lately...hee hee hee! Love you, girl!