Thursday, January 6, 2011


I mean really?  We are already 6 days into 2011....and I am still recovering from that blur we called the holidays!  It was fun and all, but I am more than ready to assume our normal chaos.  The kids were (for the most part) ready to go back to school and Ava is bouncing off the walls to go back to her ballet classes!  The break was fun - restful - yet I still did not do some most of the things I wanted.  :-(  I had intended on doing the Happy Birthday Jesus cake, but due to unexpected illness by three of the 6 family members (myself included) - it just did not happen.  It's a great idea though, so I am hoping to do it at just can't be a "Happy Birthday" cake.  (Did you get to try it Judith??)  We partied 3 nights in a row...the kids had a blast - well we all did!!  It's fun to have people over to our house....stresses me out to get ready for it, but it is still fun!

Anyway, decorations are down - much to the dismay of one very upset four year old.  The night Charles started taking down the trees, Sarah exclaimed "Daddy, how can you do this to us?  Santa will be so disappointed!"  That girl is a hoot.  Her latest thing is she is telling everyone that we (as in "she and I") are going out of town and never coming back.  Yeah -- like that statement didn't provoke phone calls from teachers at school.  Thank goodness they are all our friends!  Hearing her repeat things these days is like playing the game "Rumor".  Have you ever played it?  You have a room full of people and one person whispers something to another and so on and so on until the last person in the room repeats what was told to them - which is usually some whacked out statement making no sense.  Well, that is every day life with Sarah....minus the room full of people.  She was also telling Zachary and Josh that we actually went to visit the "Fresh Beat" house.  (FYI...."Fresh Beat Band" is a show that comes on Nickelodeon that the girls love.  It is about 4 teenagers that live in the house and they all play musical instruments and dance, etc.  I know, I know, there is the whole 'where are the parents' thing, but that is just the way it is!)  So anyway, either she is dreaming some crazy dreams or I need to get her ears checked!  Until then, I'm just going to be extremely careful what I say! 

So anyway, I guess I will gear up for "White Out 2011" -- the weather service says we are supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow here in Memphis - which means I need to get to the store!  I got the bread but I need some milk!!! Oh - and the boys need some snow shoes!!


all4boys said...

Me too, girl! Seven days in and I'm tired of lunches and snacks, already. I think of you every single morning while I pack it all! Love you!!

Judith @ Creating Balance said...

We didn't make the cake! We put some candles in our christmas breakfast casserole. I think Jesus would appreciate a good sausage casserole on his birthday morning :)