Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Week Over!

I guess it is an age thing, but I feel like time is just slipping out of my hands. The week starts and is over before I know it. In some ways I guess that is good, but it also means that my kids are growing up right before my eyes, and I am getting older that much faster! :-)

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions...for me at least. Mainly sadness. I look around me and I see so many people I know - some of them friends, some acquaintances - whose marriages are dissolving. It breaks my heart. I mean - dreams are shattered at no hope of restoration (at least at this time). I can't imagine the pain they are going thru. It has been a long journey to this point, and there is an even longer road ahead. Some feel free to share with friends and family  and others don't. Choosing not to share only makes you feel more isolated - I think. You need to be able to lean on your friends for support and encouragement - especially as Christians. Personally, I can understand how difficult it would be to talk to other people - no matter how close you are. Anyway - I am rambling...this is just something that has really bothered me this week. It has made me take a closer look at my own marriage.  With 4 kids, we have crazy schedules, but we do try to take the time just to "catch up" on our day.  It is an effort to stay connected with each other, and if we don't work at it, we don't.  I think that is what is happening to lots of families these days.  The husband & wife get so caught up in other things, that they slip away from each other.  One thing leads to another and next thing you know - separation.  Sometimes I wonder if people really even take marriage seriously anymore.  Some people decide they don't want to "do this" anymore and just bail out.  We have to pray - not only for ourselves, but for each other - that God will protect our marriages and use them as a testament of his love for the Church.

Like I said, I am rambling -- sorry!  My friend Jen probably thinks I read her blog and then write in mine!  We have both been dealing with similar issues this week.  I guess I need to go check on my little ones.  This much silence probably means that little hands (a.k.a. AVA) are into something they shouldn't be in - like the toilet!

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