Monday, September 15, 2008

The Mind of a 7 Year-Old

Don't you ever wish you could just go back in time and be a kid again?  When your biggest worry was whether you should ride your bike or roller skate?  Good times.....Today, we live in a world full of crime, poverty, catastrophe, and most of all sin.  I usually pull up every day and the news is always so depressing  -- some of the stories I can't even bring myself to read (especially if they involve children).   Sometimes it would be so nice to be a kid again!  Josh just turned 7, and a couple of weeks ago, he had an assignment in school to write "Things That Make Me Happy".  Here is his list (I took the liberty to correct his spelling!): 

I like my Wii
I love my family
I like my Nintendo
I love church and God
I love air
I like to write
I like my Gamecube
I love to sleep
I like school
I like video games
I hate satan 

I got the biggest kick out of this!  This is one of those papers I dated and will tuck away forever.  If you know Josh, the abundance of video games on this list should not surprise you.  I have to say, I was impressed he threw in that he loves his family (not just "likes"!), loves church and God, and hates Satan.  I guess as parents we must be doing something right!  I really miss those days of innocence - when my parents thought nothing of letting me play outside until way past dark (in the summer!)  -- not always knowing where I was.  I cannot even fathom letting my kids out of the house and not being able to put my thumb on them at all times.  I want to protect my kids forever from the evils of the world, but I must let them go at some point.  All I can do is pray a hedge of protection over them and leave them in God's hands!   For now though,  I'll try to shield them from all the "bad things" take great joy in letting them just be kids!

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all4boys said...

Josh is my man. I love him! He reminds me so much of Drew...they have the same type personality. I love that list, and you really need to keep that tucked away in a special place. Don't you love awesome school assignments???

I agree about the safety thing....we also have to learn to let go a little, which is really hard. I have let my kids go on bike rides through the neighborhood without adults, and I made Graham take my cell phone! Then I realized I was being paranoid. Parenting is hard...between me and you, you wanna write a book on it???